Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Manatee Lake State Park, Florida…

Manatee Lake SP and Drum Circle at Nokomis 019

Our last day in Bonita Springs we went with our Canadian friends Jeff and Martine over to a new (to us) beach, Clam Pass. Once we arrived Martine and Jeff advised us to take the free ride in what looked like an 8 seater gold cart. The ride winds to Clam Pass Beach over a boardwalk  more than a half mile long. At the end of the boardwalk we walked through a deck near a restaurant and were treated to one of the prettiest beaches we have encountered in this area.


We spent the afternoon walking along the beach and talking with our friends We were all very happy to see dolphins while relaxing and admiring the water. The time passed much too quickly and it was time to go.  Back at IBE we grabbed a beer and strolled a couple of blocks hoping to find our friends for our last happy hour there. We were able to find a small group of friends so we shared the sun’s last rays with them while sharing stories. A fun last day and night we did have…

Manatee Lake SP and Drum Circle at Nokomis 014Manatee Lake SP and Drum Circle at Nokomis 012

The next morning before getting ready to leave we saw several of our IBE friends who came to say their “see ya’ laters” before it was time to leave. That is when it got interesting… We were nearly packed and I I was bringing in the slides part way. One of our slides had a loose seal I reattached last time we used it so I wanted to inspect it. Well all looked good but when I went back to bring the slide the rest of the way in it wouldn’t budge. In fact none of the slides would retract!!!

Manatee Lake SP and Drum Circle at Nokomis 024Manatee Lake SP and Drum Circle at Nokomis 016

Knowing we had to leave I tried every breaker, pulled and checked every fuse and even simply turned off and back on the ignition. I even tried firing up the generator in case the battery was lower than it showed. Nothing worked! I started to search using Google and found no real solutions. I tried again and suddenly everything worked! Why? I have no idea to this day but am really glad it all decided to work.

Manatee Lake SP and Drum Circle at Nokomis 001Manatee Lake SP and Drum Circle at Nokomis 005

We drove about 115 miles north to Manatee Lake State Park where we backed into our site and settled in for our four night stay. The park is in a mixture of prairie and scrub palmetto along with short pine and live oak trees. It has water and 30 amp electric only but will serve us fine for our short stay.


  1. Glad to hear everything started to work again. I hold my breathe every time I bring the slides in and put them out.

  2. I agree with John about bring in the slides.....guess that's why I have Marsha do it :-) Sounds like there is a loose wire somewhere in the system that jiggles loose..hmmm??? Solenoid possibility ??? You better research it on one of the forums before you get stuck someday :-) Travel Safe!!!

    1. My best guess right now was that there wasn't enough amps in the batteries to kick them on

  3. We had a similar situation. It was the batteries. We had the house batteries replaced when we got to Orlando.

  4. You certainly visited some exotic places. Glad to see you have Canadian friends. We are the best kind.