Sunday, February 7, 2016

Nokomis Beach and the Drum Circle…

Bradenton and Nokomis FL 008

With rain and cooler temperatures headed our way we decided we better get in one last visit to beach before moving further north. This time we planned our trip to a beach in Nokomis with the main objective to stay until sunset to watch the Drum Circle which Nokomis Florida is known for. The Drum Circles only happen on Wednesdays and Saturdays so since we planned to leave for Brookville Florida on Friday we picked Wednesday for our adventure.


The drive took  us about 40 minutes to Nokomis Public Beach. The temperature was in the mid 70’s and there were some clouds giving us hope for a great sunset. We set up our Sunbrella and chilled on the beach for a few hours noticing lots and lots of shells on this beach!


About 4:00 pm I noticed a few people starting to gather near the life guard stand so I told Sharon to take our chairs to snag a front row seat at the circle. I took the rest of our gear back to the CRV and when I returned to the beach Sharon had already made some new friends from Michigan, Linda and George.  Linda had given Sharon a red solo cup of Chardonnay for us to share. We had brought two beers but had already consumed them before we moved to the Drum Circle.

Manatee Lake SP and Drum Circle at Nokomis 030Manatee Lake SP and Drum Circle at Nokomis 052

Someone then drew a large circle which demarcated where we were to sit no closer than. Inside the circle was reserved for dancers and children to play. Lots of people began gathering making the big circle. In the center there was some sort of “offering” with shells, sticks, flowers and palm fronds.

Manatee Lake SP and Drum Circle at Nokomis 062Manatee Lake SP and Drum Circle at Nokomis 074

Drummers of all shapes, sizes, age and gender began congregating at the base of the life guard shack. (click here - Nokomis Drumming Circle to see a video on Sharon’s Facebook page of the drummers). Kids were frolicking inside the large circle. A pile of silver and pink metallic hula hoops lay in a pile near the offering. A man also entered the circle with a smoky incense filled shell which he spread smoke from head to toe on spectators who stood in line for the "blessing". 

Manatee Lake SP and Drum Circle at Nokomis 067Manatee Lake SP and Drum Circle at Nokomis 050Manatee Lake SP and Drum Circle at Nokomis 072

Then the drums began as one member would set the beat and the remaining drummers would follow. Before I knew it my feet were moving to the beat. Some ladies were dancing to the beat and some even appeared to be dancing in a trance like state (click here – Nakomis Dancers to see a video on Sharon’s Facebook page of the ladies dancing). The beat continued… After about twenty minutes the beat would reach a crescendo and suddenly stop for a small break before continuing the drumming all over again.

Bradenton and Nokomis FL 003Bradenton and Nokomis FL 007

Dancers dancing… all I could hear in my mind was Neil Young – After The Goldrush Lyrics.

“There were peasants singin' and drummers drumming and the archer split the tree…” 

“There was a fanfare blowin' to the sun that was floating on the breeze…”

Manatee Lake SP and Drum Circle at Nokomis 098Manatee Lake SP and Drum Circle at Nokomis 045Manatee Lake SP and Drum Circle at Nokomis 087

Linda and Sharon also felt compelled to join the dancers while George (who had brought his own drum) was drumming right behind me. Yep I could feel the beat and could sense it was indeed a mystical event for us all. Even though the sunset wasn’t as grand as we all hoped it was a blast to spend the evening at the Drummers Circle in Nokomis… Even better is we made two new friends in Linda and George that we hope to see again one day as they were a really fun couple....

Manatee Lake SP and Drum Circle at Nokomis 044Manatee Lake SP and Drum Circle at Nokomis 085


  1. Looks like fun! I knew there had to be alcohol involved... :-)

  2. I have read few blogs where people have been there, looks like a real fun time.

  3. I would love to see the Drum Circle. I bet it is so exciting.

  4. Good for you! I participated in drum circles for years while living in Brenham and then in Austin. I still have my drums. Spiritual and joyous events! Glad you enjoyed the experience.

  5. Looks like a really FUN time was had by ALL!