Friday, April 29, 2016

A Family Reunion and Wrapping up our last few days in College Station, Texas…


As we near the end of our month long stay in our former hometown of College Station we reminisce about what we have done during this stay. It always amazes us how fast time flies when we return here and this stay was no different. We spent our first week visiting old friends and old places as well as showing our new RV friends around town.


Each week was filled with fun and friends but as also is typical there were a few friends we had hoped to see that we missed this time around. We will make an effort to seek out those we missed seeing this time when we return next year during our next visit. We understand that everyone we know (well most of them) are still in the working phase of their lives and as such their non-working time is limited and precious often making visits a challenge.


We always love visiting here but we both recognize that we no longer consider this town our home. Our home has become our lovely efficiency condo on wheels. Nevertheless we really do enjoy our stay in Bryan-College Station, Texas. When visiting here we highly recommend dropping by the Bryan-College Station Convention and Visitors Bureau for suggestions as to what to see and do. The staff is friendly and helpful with plentiful knowledge about happenings in and around town. Please say Hello to our dear friend, Shannon Overby when visiting. It was through visiting the bureau that we learned about many of our new favorites for Happy Hour craft beer such as Grub Burger Bar, Rough Draft Whiskey Bar as well as tasting some really delicious wines at the beautiful Messina Hof Winery.  Thanks, Shannon!


Our last weekend was highlighted by our full out family reunion of sorts. Our daughter Katie and her boyfriend Brooks flew into town from North Carolina.  In addition our son, Jason, and his family drove up from San Antonio to stay with us for a long weekend. What fun it was having our family all together once again. Seeing our two grandchildren once again was quite a delight and we very much enjoyed showing Brooks around while we got to know him better.  He fits right in and in fact, is making plans to visit us again this winter with Katie!


We attended several events in town such as Earth Day (the kids loved it), we volunteered as parking attendants at Chili Fest (heard great music), marveled at the renovations and upgrades during Kyle Field Day and of course took several walking tours of Texas A&M University. I even spent a good deal of time repairing our rent house including re-building the backyard deck. Evening dinners,socializing with our family, get-togethers with friends and experiencing the friendliness of the people here was a real treat for us making this a really memorable visit. We will see Jason and his family again next weekend in Lockhart State Park but we won’t likely see our daughter until we winter in San Diego.


With only few days left in town we are starting to wrap up our stay here and getting ready for our next stop…

[I am still a bit behind on the blog as we are in Lockhart State Park now… more on that later]


  1. We really like Messina Hof Wines. I actually buy some each year and put them in our wine tasting party.

    Great times; great family! Enjoy the ride.

  2. It's the same with us. We go back to where we came from (Langley BC a suburb of Vancouver) and we just don't belong anymore We don't like the traffic and the "schedule" necessary for everything.

  3. We keep coming to our Friends place in Plattsville where lived for 24 years. small town, lots of nice people and wide open spaces. Plus close to family is a bonus.

  4. Family reunions are the best! Good to see you kids are having fun.