Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Visiting with old friends in our old hometown


imageOur first week in College Station was a bit of a blur. We spent a few days entertaining our new RV friends and after they left, suddenly it was Easter. Friends of ours from way back (Cheryl and Preston) invited us over for their annual Easter Sunday celebration. We attended this in the past so certainly took them up on their offer. We brought over a side dish and joined this rather large gathering of about 65 people all enjoying the great weather on Easter Sunday.

imageWe had a blast reconnecting with many of our friends from when we lived here over five years ago. It was great to be able to see so many people we otherwise might have missed during our month long stay in the Brazos Valley. Besides seeing all our friends it was also fun watching their children and their grandchildren having such great fun on Easter Sunday. To top it all off the food was outstanding and it was really quite a feast.


imageWe also had time this past week to meet up with other friends of ours. When our friend Jerry texted us to say he was heading over to our old favorite bar we hopped into the CRV and headed over to it. Duddley’s Draw (classified by Yelp as a dive bar) opened in 1977 way back when I was in college here at Texas A&M University. I spent a lot of my idle time (and money) at this place and made many friends there as well. Great place to get a beer and they have great sandwiches as well.

When we walked into the bar it was fun reminiscing about days gone by and it was even better that we ran into a few of the regulars I knew back then. We had a few beers and sat out on the nice sunny deck out back. Jerry showed up and we shared many stories and had a pleasant afternoon.

The next day we had to go back to Duddley’s Draw since another friend, Craig, had come up from Austin, Texas. He was stopping by to check on some investment property and afterward he, Jerry and another friend Paul met us at the bar. Later, Chris, another friend heard imageimage[15]we would be there and joined us.  Once again we enjoyed shooting the breeze on the back porch. Jerry suggested we head over to a new tavern that opened this year called Rough Draft Whiskey Bar. Since they serve craft beer we had no qualms leaving my former favorite hang out.

Wow, Rough Draft is a really nice place that just recently opened. They have an excellent selection of Texas craft beers and the open concept as well and the decor offered a comfortable, relaxing ambience. We had another fun filled happy hour and may have found our future hangout for when we come back to town to visit. Anyone traveling this way should definitely stop in for a cold Texas craft beer at happy hour at this fun place.

It hasn’t been all fun and games though as Sharon and I had appointments for teeth cleaning at the local dental hygiene school.  I also had an appointment to visit with one of my former dentists to replace a crown that recently fell off for the second time in Louisiana. Dr Stephen Wright recently opened a new office on the south side of College Station called Wright Dentistry. I had my initial appointment with him to get a temporary crown as well as impressions for a new crown. I was seen almost immediately and treated with the utmost care. I now have a nice temporary crown and have another appointment before we leave to have my new permanent crown installed. Again, for anyone traveling through College Station I would recommend Dr. Wright as a very good dentist to care for any of your dental needs.


In the days to come we plan to visit with more old friends, play some disc golf, have some great Tex Mex food, attend a big festival called Chili Fest and get going with our spring cleaning.  And maybe just maybe relax a bit....


  1. It's fun to visit our old places. We tried to do that in the Dallas are and discovered everything had changed .. I guess that's big town versus small town.

  2. Did you ever think when you both retired that you wouldn't have time enough for everything. lol

  3. Did you lose some fingers on your visit to Dr. Wright? I agree with Paul and Marsha - too much to do, too little time. Enjoy your stay in CS. Miss ya