Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Halfway Between the Equator and the North Pole…


After two stops at Casino Campgrounds we opted next for a quieter spot and we found just the park in Dorchester, WI. It was another short driving day and we pulled into a nice campground called Dorchester County Park. Peaceful, quiet and green… and halfway between the equator and the north pole - perfect!!!


With rain in the forecast we really didn’t plan to do much for our two day stay. Dorchester is a small town with not a lot to do so we figured it was a perfect spot to wait for the rainstorms to pass on by. The park itself is really quite nice. The pads are a bit overgrown in that the grass is about to reclaim them but they have full hookups at the bargain price of $18/night.



It rained most of the day our first day in Dorchester so we didn’t do a whole lot of anything other than watching some of the newer episodes of “Orange is the New Black.” Sharon made some bread trying out a new recipe after the dough we took out of the freezer was a bit flat. She usually makes enough dough to make two loaves of bread so she will freeze one. Sometimes the second dough comes out of the freezer a bit flat and she read online about a way to “bring it back to life” and made a new type of bread for us. It came out really plump and tasty!!!


The rain did let up enough on the second day for us to take in a walk around the lake adjacent to the park. This park also has a disc golf course on it that we also played and enjoyed. Those who that aren’t very good golfers really should consider taking up disc golf. A great beginner set is all you need and they can be purchased pretty cheaply. We love playing as it is a great way to get in some good walking (some courses will have us walking 3 miles) and provides some really inexpensive entertainment (most courses are free).

This turned out to be a quiet but enjoyable two day stay before moving on to Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

NOTE: We are currently in Rochester, Minnesota…


  1. I love homemade bread but is my downfall :<(.

  2. I hope you tour the Mayo Clinic in Roch...

    1. Yep, Judy we will since that is why we are here to get our annual checkups so we will see more of the Mayo than we probably want to ;)

  3. A great price for FHUs for sure. We have a disk golf set but don't seem to be able to find courses. They were plentiful in the midwest at state parks but not so much anywhere else in our experience.