Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A Nice Hike in Herron Park, Montana…


While in Kalispell Montana we decided if we mountain hike more than 5 miles we will take the next day off to recover by doing something else or by doing a shorter hike. One day when the temperatures were sweltering (the high was 91 degrees that day) we took off for the cool waters of Flathead Lake in Lakeside Montana. We sent the entire afternoon lounging by the water and enjoying the beautiful scenery. Before heading home for dinner we stopped at Tamarack Brewing Co. for a nice cold craft beer to cap off a great day.

imageMontana 012

Another evening at happy hour with our new RV friends and near neighbors, Jerry and Nancy, we were talking about places to hike nearby. We mentioned we were looking for some easier hikes so Jerry and Nancy had some ideas. They lived in Lakeside for many years so they know this area well. They suggested we go to Herron Park and hike the hills there for one of our easier day’s hike.


Herron Park is about 440 acres in size and is owned and managed by Flathead County. Some of the trails spill over into the land owned by the Plum Creek Timber Company and onto an easement provided by John Chase. After a short drive west we pulled into Herron Park and found a trailhead for the horse trail.

Montana 005Montana 049

As the name of the trail suggest this trail is for horses as well as hikers/bikers.  Along this mostly open grassland trail we walked along as zillions of grasshoppers cleared out in front of us as we hiked. As we entered the edge of the Ponderosa Pine forested area we continued on  until we turned onto a spur trail to the Plum Creek Road (on an abandoned dirt road). We followed it as we slowly climbed in elevation until we found the Overlook Trail which we followed to the top of the small mountain (about 3850 in elevation).

Montana 010Montana 011

At the top, at an area called Foy’s Overlook, we were able to see down into several of the surrounding valleys below, including a valley where Foy’s Lake is located. Foy’s Lake has a brilliant blue color primarily due to its alkalinity and because of the presence of a glacial material often referred to as glacial milk. Whatever the reason the lake is stunningly blue and a wonder to look at from atop the mountain. Also from the top it was fun to watch the hawks soaring over the tree tops…

Montana 022Montana 024

As we continued down on the overlook loop trail we heard lots of nuthatches and chickadees. I called up a group of black capped chickadees and some landed within a few feet of me as I continued my “phsssshing” sound to attract them. It was fun seeing these little guys as I have only seen them one other time when I was visiting the temperate rain forests in Northwestern Washington state.

Montana 037Montana 039

We kept giving up elevation and found the Direct Route” trail which took us back to our car. We had only planned on about a 2-3 mile hike but Sharon’s mapping app recorded nearly 4.5 miles. Oh well, so much for a down day of hiking…We are certainly enjoying our stay in Montana and are glad we decided to stay for a month as we have lots of plans for more to see!

NOTE: We are in Kalispell Montana until September 12, 2016. Then we will head over toward Spokane Washington most likely…


  1. We really love month stays. You feel like you have time to enjoy the area without rushing out every day. Foy's Lake is gorgeous!! Your photos really show the color:)

  2. Looks like more wonderful nice places to explore, have fun.

  3. You are sure in one of the most beautiful parts of this country. I love the bird photos. Gorgeous.

  4. Very nice. Our morning walks end up being long sometimes too. It just draws you in.

  5. Wait, isn't it that Larry and Nancy? Extend our regards and hope they will still remember us. We met them first in Cave Creek in 2012, then in Patagonia. Remind Nancy that it was her who helped me find the Elegant Trogon in Patagonia.

  6. As you take the low road, we'll take the high road. We will be traveling east along the bottom of Canada about the same time. Safe travels friends!

  7. What a wonderful area of the country! Enjoy