Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Casino Hopping to North Dakota…


As soon as we received our final test results from the Mayo clinic, we wasted no time that very afternoon by quickly breaking camp. I had a casino picked out in Granite Falls MN about 138 miles away. This was an out of the ordinary departure as we normally leave before noon but after the unexpected length of stay near the Mayo, I was ready to go!  As a result our arrival at the Prairie's Edge Casino in Granite Falls was at about 5:00 pm. We were just glad we had no issues on the road as 5:00 is as late as I ever want to check in to a park.

Como Park MN 004Last Days MN and on to ND 007Last Days MN and on to ND 008

Prairie's Edge Casino has a wonderful full hookup RV park and with tax it was a bit over $27 per night. We planned only a one night stay in this fairly scenic area within the Minnesota River valley. In hind sight we probably should have stayed one more day to explore a bit. Instead we went over to the casino for a new players card to unwind after our rather hectic travel day.

Score! We happily received $10 per person new player free play and were told that if we earned one point on our cards we would receive another $5 per person. Oddly enough we were able to earn points with the free play money and by the time we were done we earned a point using their free play thus receiving the extra $5.  After using all the free play we cashed out and made a little over $20 so the nights stay ended up being mostly covered!

Last Days MN and on to ND 003Last Days MN and on to ND 004

The next morning we did laundry at the park since there was a very nice laundry room with one dollar washers and dryers. Once we were done we packed up and hit the road for our next casino stop.  This was a 135 mile drive and we entered into a new state for our RV travels as we pulled into the Dakota Magic casino in Hankinson ND. We drove through the RV park and pulled into one of the only two empty sites.

Last Days MN and on to ND 005Last Days MN and on to ND 004

We went to check in but discovered the sites were both reserved. Oh well, we asked permission to dry camp and with the nice cool weather it was not a big deal. We set up everything and then went in to use our new member perks of $5 per person free play. The RV park at this casino was not nearly as nice as the last one and the casino is bit worn as well.  There was a little tavern inside which sold $2 draft beer and had a live music band that was pretty good despite the drummer sometimes seeming off tempo with the rest of the musicians.

Last Days MN and on to ND 006Last Days MN and on to ND 002

The next morning we started up the RV and drove another 140 miles further west into North Dakota to a COE park outside of Valley City, North Dakota, but more on that later…

NOTE: We plan to stay for 2 days each at Mel Rieman COE Campground ND and General Sibley Campground in Bismarck ND (where we are currently)…


  1. We enjoyed North Dakota. We've done both the main route through and then the second trip we took route 2 across the north near border. Enjoy!! Hope it isn't too hot:)

  2. You are making some nice time and enjoying some casinos as well.