Tuesday, September 13, 2016

First Snow in Glacier National Park, Montana…


While we have certainly loved our stay in Kalispell Montana the time has come to leave. How can we tell? Well there was recently a dusting of snow above 6000 feet on the mountains and although it is beautiful we know it signals more to come.


Before leaving this area we decided it was a great idea to go back to Glacier National park one last time to see the dusting of snow up close and personal. Of course we knew this would mean we would be cold but we did want to experience the beauty of snow on the peaks so off we went.


When we left Kalispell it was about 67 degrees and we had hoped it wouldn’t be too bad in the park. When we arrived at West Glacier it was down to 59 so things weren’t looking good for a hike but we plodded on anyhow. Our CRV has a temperature reading on the dash and as we began to climb Logan’s Pass the temperature kept dropping and when we finally made it to the top it was 42 degrees Fahrenheit, too dang cold for us to hike for sure.


While driving, what beauty we saw before our eyes as the fog began to lift and the exposed peaks looked as if they were dusted with powdered sugar. So mesmerized were we that we stopped to step out of the car to photograph the peaks.  Just as we did so, the 20 to 30 mph winds gusted and with the temperature of 42 it didn’t take long for the wind chill to send us back to our seats in the car with the heater on full blast.


What a great experience it was to see the first snow on  the peaks of the mountains in Glacier National Park. We parked at the pass and walked around the nature trail at Logan Pass to snap a picture here and there and to savor the sights. Once again the cold eventually strengthened its grip on us and we scurried back to the car. On the other side of the pass we parked in a turnout to continue watching the clouds and fog drift along the meadows and peaks.  We elected to eat our picnic lunch from this vantage point.


We slowly drove back down the Going to the Sun Road stopping at each turnout to take one last look at this wondrously beautiful place. Finally back at the park we began preparing for our departure but we had to return to the 406 bar for one last microbrew happy hour to meet our friends, Renee and Linda  from Kalispell to say our goodbyes. We certainly had a great stay here but the weather has finally taken a turn for the worse and chased us off.  Next it is off to Libby, Montana for an overnight stay and then on to Idaho…We’re on the road again!


NOTE: We are in Libby Montana today but leave for Bonner’s Ferry Idaho as we leave Montana and enter the Pacific TIme Zone, my least favorite time change…


  1. Gorgeous photos.
    We hate Pacific Time. When we want to call back to Ohio, it screws us up every time.

  2. I like Pacific Daylight time because the time catches up with Arizona since they don't change their clocks. There's no time change going back and forth until daylight time goes away.

  3. I agree Daylite Wasting Time is a waste! At least you have capture some beautiful images for us to enjoy in the dark days ahead.

  4. Watching the fog lift and showing the snow topped mountains must have been spectacular. Glad you to see the first snow:)

  5. Watching the fog lift and showing the snow topped mountains must have been spectacular. Glad you to see the first snow:)

  6. It's been cold here in Lake Louise too, snow on the mountain tops. Time to head south.

  7. I have loved following your trip thru Glacier and Kalispell. We were there in 1993 with young children. Your post have inspired us to return there soon.