Sunday, September 11, 2016

Seeing Wildlife at National Bison Range–Redux…


Sometimes a place is so enjoyable it calls for a redux!. Well that pretty much explains why we made the long trek to revisit the National Bison Range. That and the fact it was too chilly in the mornings to go hiking in the mountains and we should mention the afternoons have had off and on isolated rain showers. Therefore, we packed up a lunch and went on a road trip once again to the Bison Range.


I won’t talk much about this trip since I already posted a blog about the Bison Range a short while back, The only thing I will say is that even though the weather was colder and wetter we still saw a lot of big game in this beautiful preserve. Even if we hadn’t seen any critters the landscapes alone we feel are well worth the drive…


A lot of the big game we saw this day were pretty inactive and were mostly lying down to conserve warmth (I would guess) but by driving the loop slowly and looking carefully we were able to see most of the major species of big game contained within in this park. I decided for this blog I will add some photos along with a few comments of what we saw at the Buffalo Range this visit,,,


A couple of young mule deer blending in…


We saw a lot more deer and pronghorn on this trip than last time.


Look closely on the rock in the above left picture… yep a golden eagle looking for some lunch!


The top left picture I might title a “Hunter’s Dilemma”.  On the right, another lounging bighorn sheep (glad they are on the refuge).


This mule deer buck posed for us for a long before deciding to stand for one last pose… Like we said before we feel this place is a gem and a great place to see wildlife!

NOTE: We will be leaving Monday morning for Libby Montana for a short stay before moving on to Couer d’Alene Idaho.


  1. You got some great shots of the wildlife there, just beautiful!

  2. I can see why you revisited that area. Safe journey to Couer d'Alene. Still trying to convince Penny that I should meet you in SD the first week in November. Cheap airfare is not enough. Go figure

  3. So many great pictures of the wildlife, really have to love it there.

  4. There is so much and varied wildlife in the refuge that a bear would think it was an all-you-can-eat buffet!

    Summerville, SC

  5. We will probably be volunteering there next summer!!!