Saturday, September 3, 2016

Two Medicines–Glacier National Park…

It seems all good things must come to an end as my trusty Samsung laptop computer finally bit the dust. After six years it simply decided not to work anymore. Fortunately after doing diagnostics on it I determined that the motherboard had died. Not wanting to spend about 150.00 for a new motherboard I guess we will have to replace it. Fortunately it wasn’t the hard drive that failed so I was able to plug the old hard drive into another laptop to retrieve all my files.

Trip to Two Medicines GNP 017image

I had recently purchased a new laptop for Sharon and it is a bigger screened one that she doesn’t really like too much. Her old laptop still works but the keypad has failed and the hinges to the screen have failed. So I used that one to get my old files onto an external drive and I transferred the files from the external drive to her new laptop which is now mine. Therefore we are now in the market to find her a new smaller laptop.

Trip to Two Medicines GNP 019Trip to Two Medicines GNP 025

Getting everything configured so I could write a blog took some time but I think all is well now. In the meantime we have been hiking in Glacier National Park. The other day we drove over the Going to the Sun Road to East Glacier and then south to the Two Medicines section of Glacier National Park. It is always fun driving the Going to the Sun road. When we passed Saint Mary Lake we were surprise to see a large area burned and I later discovered the fire happened last year and burned a large section of this side of the park.

imageTrip to Two Medicines GNP 023

As it took a good part of the day to arrive at Two Medicines we decided to do a short 3-4 mile hike along the north shoreline of Two Medicine Lake. As we got parked and started our walk we were surprised to see some young Bighorn Sheep moving through a picnic area that had few people in it. After snapping a photo or two we moved on around the lake.

Trip to Two Medicines GNP 033Trip to Two Medicines GNP 047

The hike was pleasant going through the wooded shoreline with occasional views of the lake. When we reached about the 2 mile mark we noticed a little gully which led to the lake so we decided to take it as a new “trail.” A short way in we came out to a rocky shoreline on Two Medicine Lake. When we did we scared up a merganser who was likely mad at us for disturbing her/his peace and tranquility.

Trip to Two Medicines GNP 043Trip to Two Medicines GNP 028

We sat on a fallen log and admired the beauty of this side of Glacier National Park where we reflected upon how lucky we are that we are able to do what we are doing at this time of our lives. After awhile we headed back to the CRV back down the same trail we came up. Two Medicine is about the same distance to Kalispell whether we headed north or south so we drove the southern scenic route back home.

Trip to Two Medicines GNP 052image

Well, we had a little bump in the road with my laptop dying but thankfully it hasn’t stopped us from enjoying wonderful scenic hikes here in Montana while the weather allows…

NOTE: We are in Kalispell Montana until September 12, 2016 unless the weather gets bad. Then we will head over toward Spokane Washington most likely…


  1. Not a bad pace for "life" to happen. Looks like a great hike.

  2. This is such a nice area. There is a beautiful 12 mile hike around the lake. Glad you were saw some sheep:)

  3. Too bad about your laptop, but at least you saved you data.

  4. Talked to my nephew yesterday who works at Glacier. He said they were getting ready to close some of the facilities there beginning on the 19th. It could get cold but not a lot of snow should hamper visitors yet in lower areas. However, who really knows! Sorry about the laptop .. been there, done that. I agree with Sharon. I like the smaller ones.

  5. Gorgeous pictures John. You wear me out with your hikes, good on you guys.

    I have an Acer, a little laptop, and I have no problems with us. Love it because it's red and now I see they have blue ones.

  6. I always hate having to replace a computer. And then getting used to a new one. We're having rain here today so I wonder if you guys got some snow. I would think there is some up in the mountains.

  7. Like Jim and Sandy I hate having to replace a computer, it's such a pain. Luckily it has only happened once to both Kevin and I. Hopefully it will be a long while before we have to go through that again. Glad you got everything sorted out and almost back to normal.

    Love the beautiful scenery in your photos of Glacier National Park. One day we will get there.

  8. The Two Medicine area of Glacier is our absolute favorite part of the park.

    Gorgeous photos.