Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Red Rocks and a visit to a Nevada Winery…


Knowing we weren't far from Las Vegas almost enticed us to go there for a visit but we really weren't in the mood for the throngs of people we would undoubtedly encounter. The next best day trip would be a hike in the Red Rocks area just west of Vegas.

DSCN7838 (1)DSCN7850

The last time we visited Las Vegas and the Red Rocks area we drove the loop and did a lot of small hikes along the way. We vowed if we ever came back we would need to do something longer so when we approached the entrance to Red Rocks we noticed a few cars alongside the road and pulled over to see what hike they were doing. This is how we found the First Creek Canyon hike.


This 1.5 mile hike in and 1.5 mile hike out was just what we were looking for. We put our boots on along with our sun protection and started the slow but gently climbing trail toward the canyon.There were a few Joshua Trees along with vegetation typical of both the Great Basin and Mojave deserts. We also noticed a short side trail which led to a piece of “hiker art”,  a spiral made out of rocks. Of course we had to contribute a few small rocks to the art…


As we made our way closer to the canyon the vegetation got thicker and some of the trees were changing colors to the fall yellow hues. This hike climbs at the end through some thick scrub with a bit of rock hopping but the view into the foreboding canyon was worth the hike. We did see a few other people on the trail but not too many to ruin the solitude we sought. The return hike offered different views of the layered colored rocks the Red Rock area is known for.


Once we finished there was still time to drive the loop through the park so we did. Wow was this park crowded even on a weekday. As such we were so glad we decided to hike the canyon before entering the park instead of choosing to hike within the park. As we headed home we were happy with the drive and the hike.


Back in Pahrump we decided to visit the Pahrump Valley Winery for our happy hour. We arrived just before their last tour and were given an interesting tour of this small winery. It is one of only a few wineries in Nevada but they have won many awards. They gave a complimentary tasting of seven wines (our choice) after the tour and we chose a nice Syrah to take home with us for a another day.


Yet another great day on the road of retirement…

NOTE: We are now in Hemet California until the 30th…


  1. Red rock is such a gorgeous area.
    I love that rock in front of the winery.

  2. That looks like a nice hike. We'll keep it in mind the next time we're in Vegas to visit Bob's family.

  3. First Creek Canyon, I'll have to remember that. Like you, we had just done the loop last time.

  4. We did the Pahrump Winery a few years ago. We even had dinner there for our anniversary. It was a great choice.

  5. Funny thing about wineries, we've never been to one that hasn't won a bunch of awards. Maybe they're all just participation awards...lol.


  6. Looks like a wonderful hike and ending up with a nice winery tour to top it off.

  7. We did that same hike at Red Rocks (loved it!) and had our anniversary lunch (delicious meal and wine) at the winery when we stayed in Pahrump. I recognized the winery right away from your photos. We're in FL for the winter and missing the beautiful West!