Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Great Escape from Wind and Chill…


Our overnight stay at the Bonanza Inn and Casino in Fallon, NV was uneventful. We did do a short walk around the town mostly made up of tired and worn buildings typical of many of these small towns in the Great Basin where harsh weather eventually takes it toll on everything. One of the casinos in town gave us some free play and we enjoyed using their money to gamble while also enjoying the complimentary beers. We do love Nevada because of the comped beverages while gambling.


The next morning we hit the road once again staying just behind the storms kicking up winds  to our south. Our goal was to seek warm weather and no wind. To do so meant we would only travel about 75 miles and we stopped in the town of Hawthorne Nevada where we pulled into the El Capitan Hotel and Casino RV park. At only $15 per night it was a bargain although there sure wasn’t much to see or do in Hawthorne.


Unfortunately the wind picked up again and we heard yet another wind warning advisory  We were thankful to be settled in and not traveling as gusts to 30-35 mph were common. Looking for something to do we found out about the highlight of Hawthorne which is the Hawthorne Ordnance Museum. It was only about a 15 minute walk from our RV park into the wind and dust so Sharon had to swap her contact lenses for her glasses to be able to survive the walk.


When we arrived we were sad to discover that the museum was closed on Sundays. Nonetheless there were some interesting munitions and an old tank outside that we enjoyed. This free museum is a neat little place to visit for travelers who pass through town.


The next morning after checking the weather it appeared we could make it to Beatty Nevada some 200 miles south so off we went. When we made it to Beatty we pulled over on the side of the road to check out their RV parks. The RV parks were not to our liking  so we found a good station to fill up with diesel and decided to continue south  to Pahrump Nevada.


After another 75 miles or so, we pulled into Preferred RV Resort (a Passport America Park) and were finally in the warm weather with no winds!

NOTE: We are now in Pahrump Nevada and glad to be back in shorts again… Will stay here at least three nights before moving towards San Diego for our November stay…


  1. Love the first photo. The Road to Nowhere...hehe
    We hate to travel on windy days like that.

  2. We will be in in Pahrump at that resort in about 10 days if all goes well.

  3. We changed our route. So, instead of heading south through Nevada, we opted to go over the Siskiyous and get into that warmth and sunshine as fast as we could. Eventually, we may make it to Pahrump or we may not. At least we also left the rain and chill behind.

  4. It has been fascinating following you guys on your blog once you left Kansas. Adds a lot of meaning after you meet someone and then watch their travels. Learning a lot about how you handle stays at casinos.

    We met another couple for the fist time a few months ago who are part-timers. Tomorrow we are meeting up with a couple who follow our blog and are taking a 7-8 months trip. Lots of diversity in travel plans for us future-timers to learn from.

    Be safe,