Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Waiting for a new tire in Klamath Falls, Oregon…


Well with a little sadness it was time for us to leave Bend Oregon and as much as we would have liked to stay a bit longer we are already further north than we want to be this time of year. It sure was fun hanging out with Pam and Vic so for sure next time we need to plan for a longer stay. But now, overnight lows are expected to hit freezing so we want to quickly head south.


Upon leaving we were running on fumes and my RV’s low fuel indicator actually had lit up before we arrived at our Bend park.  Therefore our first order of business was to stop in nearby La Pine Oregon to take on some fuel. We only got $30.00 worth because I planned to fill up our next location.


After fueling up we drove south on Oregon 97 for just under 100 miles and pulled into the Klo-Mo-Yah Casino. Our plan was to boondock one night in their lot designated for RV’s.  We set up and went in to request a new player’s card.  By doing so we were each given $10 in free play. However, when we told them we were RV’ers parking overnight they also gave us an extra $2 each for a total of $12 free play. We did use their free-play and won enough to treat ourselves to their generous happy hour for craft beer.


We also discovered a nice surprise!  As I previously mentioned, we had already planned to fill up our RV and car at the casino but did not know that by doing so we could receive even more free play!  The next morning we had breakfast at the Casino Cafe then filled up the car and RV.  By filling the car, Sharon received $5 and I received $10 for filling up the RV!  We played the free play, again pocketed a little bit of money and then began our routine for departure.


Well as I was doing my normal checking of all the tires and outside bins of the RV, I noticed a bubble in the rear passenger sidewall tire. That is certainly not good! I immediately called the closest Goodyear tire store (I have Goodyear G670 RV tires on our rig) and was told it would be at least four days to get a tire. Sigh!


We also called Good Sam roadside assistance and were told we could get a suitable replacement tire (Dunlap) and be good to go. Well that wasn’t going to work as I would rather have a Goodyear tire so we decided to limp over to Klamath Falls (about 26 miles) and stay at the Klamath County Fairgrounds until the Goodyear tire arrives.


Fortunately the trip to Klamath was uneventful and we setup in the fairgrounds where we hope the tire will arrive quickly (hopefully by Wednesday). While waiting we decided to drive around Lake Klamath to take in the sights. Most of today’s photos are from the drive. Since we are stuck here and close to Crater Lake we plan to drive over to it if the weather remains good.

NOTE: We are still in Klamath Falls Oregon where we will be until we can get a new tire for our RV, hopefully tomorrow…


  1. Getting a good tire is definitely important. Interesting to hear about the casino and fairgrounds from you as we'll probably be driving down that road in a little over a week.

  2. Good tires are very important, we replaced our Good Year tires with Michelin after the first 7 years, then this time BFG tires made by Michelin. All good tires.

  3. I think you made a good call on the Dunlap tire. In a similar situation we had one put on in Moab, UT a few years ago and after doing some internet research, Paul found out they are called "Chinese Time Bombs." Could blow any minute. He replaced ours when we returned to TX. Gotta' be getting COLD up there. Better make a left turn pretty soon!

  4. Good tires are essential in my book so braving the cold would be my choice. Hoping it arrives today and you can find the warm shortly.

  5. We love staying at casinos as well. We usually get some free play and like you found out, sometimes more. We had to replace all six tires last year after getting a blowout on I-5 on our way south. I don't know about you but we usually run overweight and are lucky to get 4 1/2 or 5 years out of our tires, regardless of mileage.

  6. And you have so many tires. Hope you are on your way again by the time you read this. We will be heading south as quickly as we can on Monday.