Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Driving a Scenic Loop to the Cahuilla Casino…


Our last day in Hemet it was overcast with an occasional drizzle so we decided to take a loop drive out to the Cahuilla Casino about 30 miles away. Although it was only 30 miles away it took an hour to drive the winding road through the California mountains. It was slow going but the large boulders strewn across the hilltops made for an interesting scene.

Wow, Cahuilla Casino offers new players $25.00 per person in free play!  We had a great time playing our favorite video poker and when we were finished gambling we netted a bit over 50 bucks!!! Since we previously read reviews that the food was good we decided to eat lunch there. The burger and fries plate was huge and very good. We were certainly glad we shared that monster…

imageMs Heyduke© 2016

We arrived back home just in time to catch the ending of a few college football games and then we watched our favorite college team, the Texas A&M Aggies, play. They pretty much decimated an inferior New Mexico State Aggie team but hey, a win is a win. They still have some work to do to end the season with only one loss and a chance to play in the national championship.Exciting!


The next morning we took a stroll around the park and finally discovered where they hid the shuffleboard court. It was inside a building! This was a first for us to see such a large indoor complex. The courts were rock surfaced and instructions were to sprinkle a granulated wax on it before playing. We tried it out and man were they slick. It took us forever to even be able to get one to stay on the court. We decided a whole game might take all day so we swept up the granules and made our exit

We played a game of Pickleball on our last day before packing up. We really enjoy playing pickleball but we prefer singles over doubles since we feel we get a much better workout playing singles while running around trying to hit the pickleball back over the net rather than standing mostly in one spot using reflexes to return it back.


We hit the road for the 27 mile drive south to Temecula California. We will be at the Pechanga Casino RV Resort for two days before making one last dash to Mission Bay in San Diego for the month of November…

NOTE: We have now left Pechanga Casino RV Resort and have set up for the month of November at Mission Bay RV Resort in San Diego.


  1. Wow....$25.00 per person in free play is the most I have ever heard of.
    Another first, never saw an indoor shuffleboard court. Looks beautiful.

  2. Wow looks like an amazing trip! Your photos are absolutely stunning, will have to see this place sometime! Looks like a great trip, thanks for the photo share. Love reading your blog.