Saturday, November 19, 2016

Loving La Jolla California…


One place we love to visit while spending time in San Diego is La Jolla. There is no prettier place for a stroll.  The scenery is grand without having to drive very far. It is a short 10-15 minutes north of us where we seek out one of the illusive 3 hour free street parking spots near the La Jolla Cove.


There is always plenty to see…the majestic ocean views, the white sand pocket beaches, the wind and sea carved sandstone cliffs as well as the ever changing waves rolling inland while crashing onto the rocky shoreline slowly taking sand back out to sea.The constant ever changing elements include the weather conditions, abundant bird life, people watching,  the ubiquitous seals, sea lions and intriguing tidal pools.It is almost too much to take in all at once so we feel called to visit often to admire it again and again while embracing whatever it has to offer on any given day.


Along the seaside stroll is the pristine rocky shoreline, the Children's Pool and to the north are the La Jolla Caves. Just past the caves the trail continues along the cliffs on a dirt trail which ends near a high end neighborhood. (Well I guess all the neighborhoods in La Jolla are high end!)  After walking the long stretch we either return the same way we came and stay along the waterfront or we walk inland through the quaint village of La Jolla


Recently we met up with some friends on one of these trips to La Jolla, Dan and Merlene. We first met them in Abbeville Louisiana at Betty’s RV. They are staying nearby and we decided to join forces to reconnect while enjoying a stroll along the waterfront . Afterward we rolled over to the Rock Bottom Brewery who hosts an excellent happy hour where several of their drafts are $3 per pint which is less than half of what many craft beers go for in this area. On Tuesdays there are $6 growler fills….amazing!  We had such fun there we all forgot to snap photos!


The day before we met up with Dan and Merlene we met another couple we had also previously met at Betty’s RV, Rick and Barb. We met them over at Ocean Beach where we had happy hour and dinner at the OB Noodle House (a Diners and Drive-ins featured spot). Not only was the company great the food was fantastic! It would really be cool if all six of us could somehow find a way to get together before we all part ways again but only time will tell if  we can pull that off.


In the meantime we are enjoying living the good life here for our five week stay in beautiful, sunny San Diego..n

NOTE: We will be here at Mission Bay RV Park in San Diego California until December 4th.


  1. Gorgeous pictures Heyduke. I haven't been there since the 70s. Glad to see it is still so beautiful.

  2. I can almost here the surf from your photos.

  3. We also really enjoyed this area. We love the fact that we could bike everywhere. I don't believe our car left Mission Bay except when our daughter came to visit. Her visit reminded us why we didn't drive anywhere:) La Jolla is a great bike ride from the park. Enjoy your remaining time! We are hoping to be there next year, which might be the last season before changes.

  4. Love La Jolla! Great pics, too. And we met Dan and Merlene at Betty's, too, last year. Keep having a great time!

  5. Beautiful pictures. When I lived nearby, I never went down to La Jolla just to enjoy the area. Only to visit my dentist in La Jolla. ($$$ - soon fixed that!) Just sitting and enjoying the sea lions - seals? - would have been so nice. :)

  6. Just go a little further north in La Jolla to Torrey Pines and the Gliderport. You can enjoy people hang gliding off the cliffs.

  7. Glad you mentioned the tide pools, John! We do have other places than the more popular ones at Point Loma. Flat Rock at Torrey Pines is another good spot. I am also enjoying your visit!