Saturday, November 5, 2016

Pechanga Casino RV Resort, Disc Golf and Time to Move


imageWe only stayed two nights at Pechanga Casino RV Resort and since we didn’t even get set up until 2:00 pm we didn’t do anything the first day except go over to check out the casino. This place is under major construction and we had a little difficulty finding the RV park but when completed this is going to be quite a nice casino based on the architectural renditions.

We were quite surprised to see Jacks or Better video poker machines with 9/6 odds which I haven’t seen in more than 10 years anywhere. But the little we played on them we certainly didn’t get the feel the slots were very loose so we cashed out our meager earnings and left. Back at the resort we found the pool and hot tub so we took advantage of the warm evening to take a nice soak before making some dinner.


The next day we found a nearby Disc Golf course in Mountain Pride Park. It was a bit tricky finding the course but what a nice and enjoyable course it was. The course was rolling terrain with enough vegetation to make players really need to pay attention where the disc lands or risk never finding it. We found it to be a very challenging and fun course which took a couple of hours to complete. What fun!

Next up for us was to check out a highly rated local brewery. The one we chose was the Electric Brewing Company and we found their variety of crafted beers both interesting and very tasty. We would certainly recommend this brewery when in this area. Upon our return home we had time to break out the grill and cook up some very tasty kabobs and grilled pineapple.



The next morning it was time to go and we lingered before leaving around lunchtime since there is a later than usual check in rule at our next destination at Mission Bay in San Diego. Traffic wasn’t too bad (well considering this is a large city) and we arrived at the park about 1:30 for the 2pm check-in. Luckily we were allowed to go directly to our site before 2:00 pm which had never happened in the past. We settled into our site and will be here for the month of November until December 4th. We are looking forward to relaxing in San Diego for our extended stay…

NOTE: We have now left Pechanga Casino RV Resort and have set up for the month of November at Mission Bay RV Resort in San Diego.


  1. Sharon & John,
    Love reading those stories! We recently left NY and will be arriving in Santee on 12/3, where we'll stay thru Mid Feb. Are you going to be in the San Diego area after 12/4 or are you heading east? Safe travels if we don't see you guys out there.
    Dennis & Debbie

    1. We will be leaving San Diego on the 4th and will likely spend a night in Campo California at a casino...

    2. When you're in the parking lot at that casino, look out over the terrain around you. Back in my younger days, I worked those hills and canyons for 10 years with the Border Patrol. I was much thinner then! Be safe, and we'll see you guys on the road.

  2. We will spend a few nights a Pechanga soon...thanks for the disc golf and brewery tips! Perfect timing!

  3. San Diego is one of our favorite big cities to visit. It's a wonder we don't get there more often. Enjoy your time at the beach and we'll just be jealous.