Thursday, December 15, 2016

Casa Grande Arizona and Saying Goodbye to Katie…


imageimageWe enjoyed our brief stay in Yuma but also are happy to be moving on. Although the weather in Yuma was great and the economy of staying in the area was budget friendly, I have never been too fond of the Yuma area as a whole. It lacks in many opportunities to enjoy activities we especially like such as hiking, playing disc golf and visiting breweries. So off we went to our next destination, Casa Grande in Arizona.

Case Grande and Yuma are similar in that they are both economical stays and they both tend to have great weather. The other thing they have in common is that they have some really large, nice resorts. However, again, on the down side there isn’t much in the way of  opportunities to enjoy our favorite activities. This is why as we pulled into Sundance RV Resort in Casa Grande we only booked four nights.The first day we simply explored the resort amenities playing some pickleball and walking around to locate the recreational areas. A feature here that I have never seen at any other park is a race track for remote controlled imagecars. There were certainly some great facilities at this resort including a very nice fitness room, various activity rooms as well as a large pool and spa area. I could see hiding out for a month in the winter at Sundance as long as we had some good friends around to share some happy hours with.

Speaking of friends we knew that a few of our friends were in Casa Grande so we went out to visit with them. Our first stop to Jerry and Janice didn’t work out as they were not home but our next visit to see Roger and Lynn worked out perfectly. We had a great visit with them and it was fun catching up on each others adventures. We also visited the model homes within their park and were quite impressed with them.

The next day we took Katie to the Phoenix airport as it was time for her to head back to Raleigh North Carolina to prepare for her graduation from Physical Therapy school. After dropping her off we drove over to the Freightliner Shop in Tolleson Arizona as we plan to drop our RV off there to have some annual maintenance done so we wanted to check out the facility. We met the fellow who will check us in and we must admit we considered cancelling because the guy was basically a jerk… let’s just say poor customer service skills. Hopefully he was just having that one bad day


After  returning to Casa Grande we worked to put our house back in order after having guests living in it with us for about three weeks. It was nice to put things back to where we prefer them and not seeing the place so cluttered with people and their belongings. After sprucing things  up we began packing for our next move.

Where to? Well it is a bit confusing in that we will be moving the RV from Casa Grande over to the Freightliner dealer for its annual checkup. Then we will drive over to the Phoenix airport to catch a flight over to Raleigh to attend Katie’s graduation ceremony. While we are in Raleigh the RV will have an oil and filter change then when we return on Monday morning we will pick it up to move over to our next location. It will make for a hectic day and one I am not particularly looking forward to…


Besides having not flown in over 5 years and the fact that it will be freezing in North Carolina I am scrounging around the RV to locate clothes that will keep us warm but the rest of that story will have to wait until the next blog…

NOTE: We are now in Raleigh NC visiting our daughter and will return December 19th to Tolleson AZ to pick up our RV.


  1. Not as cold as Detroit. On a 757 on my way to the Motor City for a short visit. Bumps my miles flown to almost 65K. Congratulations to Katie on her graduation. As we all get older, it will be nice to have PT's and OT's to take care of us.

  2. Keep your self warm there in North Carolina and have fun.

  3. There's a couple PTs in the family - our goto gals to open the pickle jar at Thanksgiving! :)

  4. Enjoy North Carolina and congratulations to Katie.