Monday, December 19, 2016

Flying to North Carolina for Katie’s Graduation…...


We had only one day to get things in order after Katie left before flying out to see her graduation ceremony in North Carolina. Packing for a flight the next day was a bit challenging since we haven’t flown in over 5 years!  Wednesday morning we packed up the RV, hooked up the car and headed north toward Phoenix a bit before 8:00 am, super early for us.


The day before I checked traffic on google maps and noticed that we should plan for 20 to 30 minutes of delays due to the morning rush hour in Phoenix. We had to drive through Phoenix over to the Freightliner Shop in Tolleson Arizona. When we were in Montana this past August I  called to set up a Thursday appointment explaining that we could drop off the RV on Wednesday but wouldn’t be able to pick it up until Monday morning since we were flying out of state. They said no problem so we had a place for the RV while we were away and even better it would have its annual maintenance done by the time we returned on Monday!

In the RV with the car in tow we saw there were 30 minute delays but we scooted over to the HOV lane and really only had minimal delays totalling less than 5 minutes. It makes one wonder why people don’t carpool and save 30 minutes of their life each way to work. We pulled into the freightliner dealer and unhooked the car. Fortunately one of the 50 amp sites was empty so we backed into it, plugged in and went to the office to check in.


The poor customer service skills we experienced the day before had thankfully vanished and we were greeted by a pleasant fellow who assured us everything would be taken care of while we were gone and we would see them again on Monday.It must have been just a bad day the first day we met him.


We hopped in the CRV and drove over to the place I reserved on-line for airport parking. We parked the car and caught the free shuttle to the airport. Security turned out to be a breeze since we were pre-checked and didn’t have to take our shoes off or take anything out of our bags. I am not sure how we were pre-checked but it made going through security very easy.


Our flight from the Phoenix airport was on time and we had no problem with our connecting flight in Atlanta. We  arrived in Raleigh by 7:10 pm and Katie was there to pick us up. Our dreaded travel day actually was a breeze. Now the only challenge will be trying to remain warm in frigid NC while attending pre-ceremony activities and Katie’s formal graduation from Physical Therapy school.

NOTE: Today’s pictures are of sunsets from San Diego and Arizona as we are now in very cold Raleigh NC visiting our daughter. We returned December 19th to Tolleson AZ to pick up our RV and move over to Gold Canyon, AZ.


  1. Precheck is really nice. Were you on Delta? My fav. What's next for Katie, besides Pachelbel's Canon?

    1. Delta... Katie still has to take her board exams...

  2. Are you retired military? My husband Beach is, and when in the military, he had a certain level of security clearance. Regardless as to whether we are flying in country or out of country, we always use our passports when checking in. Then, in going through security, we are always sent through the security express line with no inconveniences and on to the gate. Just a wild guess that you may have had a security clearance check at one time.

    Summerville, SC

    1. not retired military but was in and did have a security clearance...

  3. Looks like you made it through the cold weekend and had fun, now back to desert living again.

  4. Congratulations to Dr. Katie!!! I would love to have a PT in the family, especially as we age! Isn't it amazing how difficult it is to pack for a trip after years of bring your house with you wherever we go. Glad you trip went smoothly:)

  5. Please pass along our congratulations to Katie. She worked very hard for that Dr. title.

  6. Congratulations are definitely in order for Katie! It's nice that you were able to be there for the big moment.

  7. Isn't it nice when all your plans go tickity-boo!

    See you later