Thursday, December 8, 2016

Last Days in San Diego, California…


All good things come to an end and so it was with our 7 week stay in San Diego. Before our departure we continued touring San Diego’s finest attractions. Off to Old Town we went to stroll around the historic state park while enjoying the ladies and gentlemen dressed in period era clothing. We loved the old architecture and the historic artifacts found here.


Another favorite attraction we haven’t been to in quite some time was the Mission San Diego de Alcala. Katie had never visited so we took a walk around the grounds to view the gardens and fine Spanish styled architecture of this old mission. There was a service mourning the death of a published author while we visited making the occasion a bit more solemn than normal so out of respect we didn’t tour the entire grounds.


We also couldn’t leave without a trip over to sunset cliffs where we hiked along the cliffs. We love this area for all its grandeur and the opportunity to see mother nature reshaping the California coastline. Looking closely we discovered several natural arches carved over time by the powers of the wind and surf. This is a wonderful place to view spectacular sunsets and with the nightlife vibe of OB (Ocean Beach) it was a great way to end our fun filled trip to San Diego.


This stay in beautiful San Diego was made special by the opportunity to show Brooks and Katie this great city. We love the park we stay in because of its proximity to the water and all the beautiful sunsets we make a point to see each evening.Our only regret was not having the chance to spend as much time with our many old and new RV friends since we were busy entertaining Brooks and Katie most of  the time.


We did spend a few fun evenings with the Koops (Donna and Mike) and Sini for happy hours and tasty treats. We were also able to enjoy a Charger game again, had Thanksgiving at our place and a Taco Tuesday in Old Town with great friends, Blake and Dawnderee. We were also able to spend time with friends we met at Betty’s RV Park (Barb, Rick Joanne and Greg). We had great neighbors all around us so we met several new friends as well. We just could not socialize with all of them as much as we would have liked. However, we all know that our paths will cross again on this fun and exciting road of retirement…


Next up for us is a jaunt over to Yuma Arizona for a few warm sunny days and then up toward Phoenix…


NOTE: We left San Diego and are currently in Yuma Arizona until December 10th…


  1. John , This is another great post of ToDo options for San Diego visitors.

  2. 7 weeks. Wow it sure didn't seem that long. Great place with lots to do.

  3. I definitely think you did San Diego right.

  4. Hope we don't miss you guys. We won't arrive in Arizona until after the Holidays.

  5. Time flies when you having fun, enjoy Yuma.

  6. Beautiful pictures. We like San Diego and the historic places in Old Town. Looking forward to seeing what you all find to do in Yuma. Merry Christmas!