Saturday, December 3, 2016

More Great Sights to Visit in San Diego…


The tour of San Diego for Brooks and Katie continued as our next visit was to one of our favorite places for an urban stroll – La Jolla California. It is a perfect place to enjoy the sun, surf, sea lions and seals. We took a three mile walk along the shoreline while stopping occasionally for photos while watching the seals frolicking on the rocks and in the water.


On another nice weather day, we headed off to Coronado Island. Consistently rated as one of the top beaches in the USA, Coronado Island is a must see attraction when visiting the greater San Diego area. Between the majestic wide white sand beaches and the beautiful historical Coronado Hotel, we feel there is no better place for a romantic getaway.


We spent a long day simply walking barefoot on the beach and marveling at the sights. The sand at Coronado is like no other I have seen in that there are gold metallic looking flakes in the sand that glimmer when wet. The patterns they make in the sand due to the surf action create masterpieces of art as magnificent as any great artist of our time. With each incoming wave the palette is reset and as the surf recedes, a new masterpiece is revealed!


Besides touring we have been preparing Brooks and Katie all of our favorite dishes. One thing we love about San Diego is the marinated meats which can be purchased at our favorite Hispanic grocery store called El Super. We assured Brooks, who loves street tacos, that we would be making many various tacos with their marinated meats. We were delighted to see them devour the tacos every time I made them.


On another day we hiked the well known Balboa Park.The unique architecture and the lush vegetation in the park provides urbanites in San Diego an escape from the rat race and the ever present traffic maze. This place is special in that it has something to offer just about everyone. We walked all around the park and artist village enjoying the street musicians and mimes..


Within the park is one of San Diego’s most well known attractions as well, but that will be discussed in the next blog…

NOTE: We will be here at Mission Bay RV Park in San Diego California until December 4th.


  1. You are really enjoying that area, too to leave though, Keep having too much fun

  2. It has to be fun revisiting your favorite places with the kids. Your tacos look awesome!

  3. California is beautiful! I was born there and I've lived there all my life. When I was first married we lived in Chula Vista, just south of San Diego. That was a long time ago. I'm glad you are having fun!!

  4. You write so well John and your pictures are beautiful.

    We have done San Diego half a dozen times as tent campers. Maybe it's time for us to go back.

  5. where will you guys be for the holiday?