Saturday, December 31, 2016

Reflections on 2016… Part 2

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Our last new state to visit in the mid-western USA was Iowa. We really didn’t plan to spend much time there yet we were surprised at how much we enjoyed Iowa. By the time we left we were astonished that we spent 18 days there! Maybe we did so because we were finally into a more summer like weather pattern and the severe weather alerts were more infrequent.

Best Iowa Memories – Our visits to the University of Iowa and in particular the beautiful campus of Iowa State University. We saw yet another state capitol and happily met up with full timers Jane and John in their home state.

Worst Iowa Memory – While we loved visiting the city of Dubuque we were saddened in how much if the city is in need of refurbishing. Someone with deep pockets has a gold mine awaiting them there!

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Over leaving Iowa we entered a familiar state, one we have visited before, Wisconsin. We spent 18 days in this beautiful state and would have stayed longer but we had our medical appointments scheduled in Minnesota.

Best Wisconsin Memories – We never realized how many RV friends we had from Wisconsin until we visited Madison and Green Bay. Seeing many of our friends was indeed the highlight to our revisit to this state but we also really enjoyed revisiting Lambeau Field.

Worst Wisconsin Memory – Another state without a bad memory. Our only complaint was the weather again but this time it was because it was pretty hot while we were visiting.

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After Wisconsin we moved over to Minnesota for the next 11 nights. We had only been in Minnesota one other time and it was only to visit Duluth so we saw more of the state this time around. Our main reason to be there this year was to have our annual physicals at the Mayo Clinic.

Best Minnesota MemoriesUrban hiking in Minneapolis and lucking into seeing the new Minnesota Vikings Football Stadium upon its grand opening.

Worst Minnesota Memory – Waiting for the results of a couple of skin biopsies for me and results from a polyp taken off of Sharon but at least they all turned out to be non-cancerous!!!


  1. Great way to look at some of the places you two visited.
    Happy New Year to you both!

  2. What great memories you have made. So glad you didn't wait for "someday".

  3. More great memories!! Glad all turned out good medically!!
    Happy New Year!!

  4. You've just about done it all. It'll be interesting to see where 2017 takes you.