Sunday, December 11, 2016

Resort Life in Yuma AZ for a Few Days…


After enjoying our last Mission Bay sunset the time came to leave beautiful San Diego. For the first time ever Katie (our daughter) traveled in the RV with us. She flew into San Diego but will fly out of Phoenix for her return home to Raleigh NC. She joined in for our breaking camp routine, said goodbyes to Rick, Barb, Mike, Donna, Joanne and Greg then took her seat for our departure from Mission RV Park by 10:30. My copilot and navigator, Katie, then experienced the (long for us) drive over to Yuma AZ.


We planned to stop midway to Yuma but the weather forecasters predicted it would be below freezing overnight where we planned to stay so off to Yuma we went! We had no issues climbing from sea level to over 4000 feet and back down to the desert. We saw the Imperial Dunes but no dune buggies were out this time around so we didn't stop at the rest area to watch them.


After about 4 hours of driving we pulled into the Fortuna Del Oro RV Park in the Fortuna Hills east of Yuma Arizona. It was amazing how well my new side camera worked as it was crystal clear. Now I wish my other side camera was as clear but at $350 it will not be replaced until it breaks!!! Once in the park we were assigned a nice pull through site on the north end facing the scenic desert mountains to our north and east.


Since our arrival we have simply been enjoying the posh amenities at the park. Sharon and I have been taking advantage of the great fitness room with some morning workouts.I noticed I do have a few new sore muscles after using those heavier weights.  Katie is still with us and studying hard for her board exams at the RV while we were working out.


We have all been enjoying the great pickleball courts and have been burning up the courts two to three times a day. Katie and I also tried out some bocce ball, horseshoes and a little billiards. In addition the park has a makeshift bar set up at the pool area for afternoon happy hours along with live music so we have been enjoying these happy hours by the pool each day at 4:00 pm.


No trip to Yuma is complete without a foray over to Algondones Mexico. Although we didn’t need glasses or dental work we did pick up some pharmaceuticals and of course had to have the best ever shrimp burritos at Lupitas in Algondones. We also had dinner burritos at a great little spot in Yuma called La Casa Deli. The food was excellent and the salsas were superb! Katie has fit right in to our lifestyle and although we will be sad to see her go, we feel we made some great memories these last few weeks!

NOTE: We are now at Sundance RV Resort in Casa Grande Arizona and will leave December 14th for Phoenix AZ.


  1. Fun time there with Katie at Sundance we got a coupon last year for 3 days free so took advantage of it and enjoyed the Park. Travel safe to Phoenix.

  2. Glad you are enjoying your time with Katie and Katie with you. Sound like you are all having a great time.

  3. We stayed at Fortuna Del Oro RV Park a few years back. Very nice park indeed.
    Boy are you two so blessed to have Katie with you for such a long visit. Keep enjoying the good life.