Tuesday, December 6, 2016

San Diego Zoo, Cabrillo NM and Brooks Returns Home…


No trip to San Diego would be compete without visiting their world famous zoo. Both Brooks and Katie had the zoo high on their wish lists to visit.  The day we took them it had rained the day before and had cooled  the temperatures which turned out to be perfect for visiting the zoo. Not only were there hardly any people visiting the zoo, the animals were more active than usual instead of sleeping in their hidden grottos.


The zoo opened at 9:00 am this time of year and parking was free so we arrived just before opening. What a perfect day to visit the zoo. Our friend Dave met us there (he works at the zoo) and we walked around with him for awhile. We visited the Pandas without having to stand in line and while the kids were taking photos, Dave and I were catching up on everything since we last saw each other nearly two years ago.


Dave had to leave to go back to work so we took the free narrated bus tour around the park so the kids could enjoy an overview of the park before our big walk around it. Over the next six hours we saw all there was to see at the San Diego Zoo. What great fun it was to spend the day at the zoo and hear firsthand from Dave about the exciting future expansion plan.


The next day we dropped Brooks off at the airport for his return flight to Raleigh North Carolina. Since Katie was feeling a bit melancholy due to his departure I drove over to Point Loma to visit the Cabrillo National Monument. This is a wild and scenic area where the ocean swells can be seen crashing into the majestic cliffs along the Pacific shoreline. This was a great diversion for Katie and a perfect way to spend the afternoon.


Point Loma is also a great location for viewing the tidal pools but sadly we were not there at low tide so we hiked the trails instead. The rustic eroding cliffs all around us were very artistic from the wind and rain which Mother Nature has constantly pounded them with. There were places along the trails which seemed other worldly and really gave us the opportunity to appreciate the beauty there on that clear sunny San Diego day! We capped off the day at one of our favorite Happy Hour locations, OB Noodle House where we enjoyed craft beers while discussing the fun we had at beautiful Point Loma.


NOTE: We have left San Diego and are now in Yuma Arizona until December 10th.


  1. Oh what great pics of the zoo! Hope to go back when we begin full time RVing. Thank you for all of the great pictures. We will be traveling more on a budget the first year. We live up North near highway 88 going to the Tahoe/Minden NV area. We will be leaving come March. I'm enjoying your posts!

  2. Thanks for the San Diego memories. We are hoping to get back next year!

  3. You've documented a lot of great memories of your visit. All great options for others who plan to visit 'Americas finest City'!

  4. I love visiting the zoos and San Diego's is about the best.