Friday, February 24, 2017

Why Why Arizona? Well Why Not!


We wanted to extend a few days in Ajo since we had three nights to kill before our reservation in Tucson. However, when we checked in with Amy, the manager at Shadow Ridge RV Park in Ajo, she said she simply didn’t have any sites we could move to for three more nights. SO it was time to move on…


My backup  plan was to spend three nights only 14 miles to our southeast in Why Arizona. Why Why? Well, Why not! We made a quick call to Hickiwan RV Park as we hit the road and the manager there assured us there was plenty of room. Twenty minutes after we left Ajo we were pulling into our site in Why for the next three nights. I love it when Plan B works out.


We came to Hickiwan because of the wonderful reviews I read about the park despite its remoteness. Sure enough no sooner had we set up we were in agreement that this would be a great spot for our three night stay. Our RV faced out into the desert with scenic  panoramic views of the Sonoran Desert vegetation and the surrounding craggy mountains


After lunch we set out on foot on one of the many trails originating right from the park. These  numerous trails branch out from all directions. Over the course of our three days we walked many miles on these trails. On two of the three hikes we spotted a fairly large herd of wild burros  we heard braying at night and in the early morning hours. These furry little creatures eke their existence in this harsh but scenic environment. It must be a good year for moisture and food here since we saw several youngsters in tow.


The rest of our time here was filled with reading some good books, exercising and some mountain biking for me where i enjoyed riding miles and miles of the fun desert trails. One afternoon we made the drive back up to Ajo to check out Estrellas craft beer bar and restaurant. It was a quiet little place but a nice respite for a celebratory happy hour toasting our good fortune in our ability to live this lifestyle these last 6 years, and hopefully many more to come…….

NOTE: We are now in Justin’s Diamond J RV Park in Tucson Arizona for the next 10 nights.


  1. We love Why as well and will be there next week for a while boon docking in the desert. Glad you enjoyed it there.

  2. We may just stop in Ajo again just to relax and enjoy those burros.