Monday, March 13, 2017

Another Day in Ft. Stockton, a Camel and Some Disc Golf…


Well the night came and daybreak revealed a new day upon us. Our plan this morning was to move on down the road to stay in Sonora. I checked out the weather and although there wasn't any serious weather ahead there was a 60% chance of rain in Sonora. So what did we do?


We decided to stay another night in Ft Stockton at the 4.3 rated park!  Of course the main reason other than the weather was we discovered there was a disc golf course nearby and we had not played a good round of disc golf in a while. We made breakfast and paid up (another whopping 14 bucks) for another day.


We chilled a bit until after lunch then went over to James Rooney Memorial Park to play a round of disc golf. We found the first hole, loosened up, and threw our first disc since playing in Tucson AZ. After the second hole we saw a pair of camels across the street and went to investigate. It turned out it was a program put on by the museum to teach children about early Texas history in this part of the state. We went back to the disc course and were a bit confused where the next hole was and as a result we played a hole out of sequence.


About that time we met another disc golfer dude on the course. He told us about 4 holes across a road (bonus holes) so we decided to play 22 holes instead of 18. We kept playing and found the four secret holes. As we were finishing them we ran into our friend again. He informed us we  actually missed three holes so we backtracked and played them as well.Upon completion of the course I still think we missed at least one hole but nonetheless we had a great time. It was a  nice course in the city park!


When we got back to the park we found out RV friends Brett and Cheri were going to spend a right at our park. When they arrived and set up we had them over at our site for happy hour. Sharon also whipped up a wonderful Italian sausage, asparagus and cherry tomato pasta along with a cucumber salad for dinner. It had been several years since we last saw Brett and Cheri in San Diego so it was fun catching up on all their travels and experiences. Serendipity made us stay one more night in our sub-par park just so we were able to meet up again…

The next morning rolled around and it was time for us once again to hit the road of retirement heading east…

NOTE: We are now in Sonora Texas for a few nights trying to find a place to stay next, hopefully near Fredericksburg, Texas…


  1. Another fun day and meeting up with friends for happy hour is great too.
    Love the area around Fredericksburg good luck with a site.

  2. About 25 miles from Fredericksburg in Kerrville is a nice RV park run by the city of Kerrville. It is called Kerrville-Schreiner Park. You can choose a site by the Guadalupe River or in the trees on the other side of the road. We spent a week there and loved waking up in the morning to the deer grazing outside our door. Beautiful hill country.

    1. Kerrville-Schreiner Park does look like a gem of a park...