Friday, March 17, 2017

Enjoying Fredericksburg, TX


We pulled out of our park in Sonora Texas to continue our trek eastward. We sure were happy to locate a site at the fairgrounds in Fredericksburg and really appreciate our reader’s suggestions about places to stay. Luckily we didn't need them but have saved them in a list for places to stay in this area for the next time we roll through.


As we pulled into the fairgrounds we found that there were only three full hookup sites available and they were each in between other rigs that looked more permanent in nature. Since the sites are very narrow (unusual for a fairgrounds RV park, we opted for a space with only water and electric since we are only in town six nights. If we conserve water we should be fine for our stay.


We decided to stroll through the town of Fredericksburg on Monday and man was it crowded. We are apparently fortunate to have landed a place to stay with all the Spring Breakers in town especially considering there is also a huge bike ride going on called Hell Week. During our stroll we were certainly surprised by all the children around town as we never really considered Fredericksburg a spring break destination!


Our walk around town didn’t  reveal any differences since the last time we were here but we did discover an open and free exhibit to visit behind the museum. Inside a nice courtyard were informative plaques from the era of the Pacific Wars. Also there was a nice Zen garden adjacent to the courtyard for taking a moment of contemplation. A good way to end our day was to visit the Perdernales Brewing Company and although they have a few good beers their IPA’s and Pales aren’t on that list in our opinion.


The next day we headed over to the Lady Bird Johnson Park. It is just on the other side of the Gillespie County Municipal Airport from us. There is an RV park there too but the price is double what we are paying. The trails were fairly crowded and again we supposed it was because of spring break. We even happened upon a large group of about 20 6-7 year olds out on a boys and girls club outing.


Back at the fairground we wanted to walk a bit more so we ventured over to the airport since there was a vintage war plane out front we wanted to check out. What we also discovered was a gem we knew nothing about. We found a hotel there called the Hangar Hotel and it continues the vintage 1940’s and 1950’s theme throughout it.


They even have a old Caddy that is available for hire. That would make a nice ride for going into town in style. Someone sure did tis place right and paid attention to detail. It really is a cool little hotel along with a neat bar called the “officer’s club” which is only open Thursday through Sunday. We will certainly check out this road treat later.


Beside the hotel is 50’s style diner which also has limited hours as does the club. Maybe we will have our last night’s dinner there so we won’t have to cook before our travel day to Blanco State Park after the weekend.


NOTE: We are still in Fredericksburg, TX waiting for the end of spring break.


  1. We stayed at Lady Bird Johnson Park and really enjoyed it. That was back in 2010 when we are sure it was much cheaper. Are y'all going to climb Enchanted Rock?

    1. Spring break here means to climb E-Rock we would have to be there before it closes for the day at 8:30 am and still have to endure crowds... so not this time.

  2. Soon you can get a move on again, looksmlike some fun times there, pretty quiet here in Whitney.

  3. Can you give some more info on RV parking at the fairgrounds? I couldn't seem to find much online except that they have some spaces. Thanks.