Friday, March 24, 2017

Having Fun in Blanco Texas


Although we mostly planned to take it easy hiding out in Fredericksburg for the duration of spring break, we actually had a lot of fun. We found a great place to survive Spring Break after all!

Next up for us was a short day of less than 25 miles a bit further east to Blanco State Park in Blanco Texas. We have stayed before and love this scenic little park. We also move very slowly once we are in the Texas hill country especially in the spring as it is the best time of year in our opinion so we want to enjoy it fully.


We checked in with the ranger at Blanco State Park and were given a great site with a view of the river. We got set up, relaxed a bit then strolled into town. It is easy to walk into town from the state park and from there we thought we should continue on with the walk over to the Real Ale Brewery since it was near happy hour. Real Ale Brewery is my favorite brewery in all of Texas so we bellied up to the bar and enjoyed some of their fine craft brews.


Another day we took a road trip on the back roads in the hill country over to Boerne, Texas and then on to San Antonio to shop at their Costco and Harbor Freight Tools. I needed a small torx set to repair our coffee maker that went on the fritz. I was sure glad our daughter Katie gifted us our Aeropress manual coffee maker because with the coffee maker broken it has provided some heavenly morning coffee. It is also so easy to use and to clean . We just love it!


The drive to San Antonio through the hill country between Blanco and Boerne was really scenic. The wildflowers along the roadside made it pleasant to drive through this part of the state this time of year. We even saw quite a few deer and a special treat was we were able to stop to watch a couple of Tom Turkeys courting some hens. They were in full courting display with their feathers fluffed out and the their tail feathers fully fanned out so the ladies could check them out. Of course I forgot my camera but some things are best enjoyed live and remembered with brain cells rather than via pictures…


On the way back from San Antonio we stopped in Boerne to walk along the banks of the Guadeloupe River at River Road Park. When we finished we walked across the street to the Dodging Duck Brewpub. We asked to taste a two beers each since we had never been there in order to choose the one we liked.  However we were told there was a two taste limit per table! Not good since we both like different styles of beer but we followed their rules and ended up drinking sub-par beer. We surely wont be back here ever again…


Ending the day with a bad beer taste wasn’t very appealing so as we neared Blanco we saw a sign to Sisterdale, looked at each other and said let’s go have a beer at the Sisterdale Saloon. The saloon is a dive bar we both read about which appealed to us so we wanted to check it out. We each ordered a beer from a very friendly bar keeper and sat down to enjoy what turned out to be a great ending to our day… The Sisterdale Saloon is yet another Road Treat we have discovered during our travels On the Road of Retirement…

NOTE: We are now in Lake Pointe RV Resort in Canyon Lake, Texas.


  1. We really want to visit San Antonio and the hill country when we can figure out how to do it with David's treatments. So glad to read about it from you since you know the area so well. Bad business strategy on dodging Duck's part. Glad you gave them some bad press.

  2. Y'all sure did hit the wildflowers at a perfect time. We hope to do a tour of Texas again next winter. Thanks for some more places to visit.

  3. It is a perfect time to hang out in hill country.
    Get rid of the bad beer tasty by washing down a very good beer makes for a better way to end the day.