Friday, March 10, 2017

Meandering Through Texas, No More Red Chili…


Wow, all I can say is in the future I will make sure I book well in advance for stays in Texas during the weeks of spring break for all the kiddos. We have had a heck of a time finding places to stay on our way across Texas this time!


We left the fun Las Cruces area and only drove a short distance down to El Paso where we stayed one night at the Sunland Casino and Racetrack in Sunland New Mexico. We are actually only about a block west of the Texas state line. When we checked in with the security desk at the casino they told us there would be horse racing later that day.


We drove over to the New Mexico State University campus and strolled around. We had been here before but enjoyed our walk nonetheless. We had a few hours until race time so we drove over to our favorite Mexican grocery chain called El Super where we ate a taco at their cocina (kitchen). We also loaded up on our favorites  from this furthest eastern store of their chain. We will sorely miss this grocery store but we at least can look forward to Texas’ HEB’s.


We ended the day by watching the horse races and checking out one of the local breweries here called Ode Brewing which had some nice beers. We also succumbed to our better judgement and ordered a bowl of their hand cut fries with cilantro ranch sauce…. YUM!!!


We left the Casino in New Mexico and headed east into Texas. As I have mentioned on several occasions we don’t like to drive very far as it takes away time for exploring during the day so we usually limit ourselves to under 150 miles. However, we left later in the day than normal since we have visited Van Horn before. A few hours later we pulled into a Passport America Park we have stayed at before in Van Horn called Desert Willow RV Park.    


We used the remainder of this day to do laundry and Sharon had her hair colored so now she is a happy camper. We made some pork pastor tacos from the meat we bought at El Super the day before and man were they yummy! We may have not won at the horse races but shopping at our last El Super was paying dividends in the wonderful dinner we had.

The night before we were to leave Van Horn I started checking where we would go next and the next morning Sharon called many of them only to find out there were no vacancies. Yikes!!! I did  finally find another (not so well rated) RV Park in Fort  Stockton about 140 miles east so we decided it couldn’t be all that bad so we hit the road….

NOTE: We are now in the town of Fort Stockton, Texas for two nights as we are waiting for a storm to pass through the town of Sonora Texas…


  1. You moving right along, taking your time. Enjoying the areas as you go.

  2. There is not much selection in Fort Stockton and Walmart does not allow overnight parking. We have stayed twice at the Parkview RV Park, Passport America and VERY basic but cheap and good electricity which we always need for the AC in Stockton. I recall it being $10 a night and we probably used $5 worth of electricity.