Sunday, March 19, 2017

Willow Loop Trail and Luckenbach TX…


One morning we woke up here in Fredericksburg to an overcast and cool morning with a bit a early mist. What a great day to take off and drive the Willow City Loop. This is a scenic loop drive about 15 minutes northeast of town. It is known for its scenic beauty and as a great place to see spring wildflowers. Even though we are early in the wildflower season we still  expected to see some as they seem to be blooming earlier this year.


Sure enough no sooner  had we entered the loop we spotted some bluebonnets alongside the road. Of course we had to stop to take pictures… A bit further up the road we saw two Tom turkeys crossing the road and I wasn’t quick enough to capture them with my camera but Sharon was able to capture some quick shots with her phone so excuse the blurriness.


We saw quite a few wildflowers on the 13 mile loop. As the flowers really come out in the next week or two the traffic on this loop drive will certainly pick up. We saw several cars but surely not as many as will be here in the coming weeks.


We had hoped to go to Enchanted Rock again on this trip but with Spring Break the park is at capacity by 8:30 am and closes for the rest of the day. Instead we decided to go check out the Wildseed Farm. We hoped to see more wildflowers since they plant them there but we were disappointed in how few there were. Good thing we saw plenty of them on Willow Loop.


Near the Wildseed Farm is a must stop spot for us – Luckenbach Texas. As the saying goes “Everybody is somebody in Luckenbach” and we love the ambiance of this true road treat. Lucky for us this day along with the normal musicians jamming on the back porch we were treated to a band playing on the back stage.


We never caught the name of the band but they played some really good tunes. We loved the fellow playing the mandolin and violin as he was not only a great strings player but he really got into his music. Always a great time in Luckenbach…


We have one day left before we leave for Blanco State Park and we found what looks like a fun festival to attend on our last day here. Until then we hope you enjoy the pictures in today’s blog mostly taken on the Willow Loop drive.

NOTE: We leave this morning for Blanco State Park in Blanco Texas where we will stay four nights.


  1. Loving the wildflowers in this area as well, just nicely starting here.Have never heard any bad music in Luckenbach.

  2. Nice wildflower pictures. One year we'll have to make Texas for the bluebonnets, they are quite unique.

  3. We are looking forward to those wildflowers as we head to Austin, TX.

  4. My wife is from Galveston and she loves the bluebonnets. We will have to make it back to see them some time soon.