Monday, May 29, 2017

Living on Tiffin Time in Red Bay Alabama…


We are at the Tiffin Service Center in Red Bay Alabama. After giving Norris (the triage guy) our list of items all we could do was sit and wait for a call to enter an express bay to begin our repairs. The way it works here is everyone is on a first come first served status and if you are not immediately available when the call comes in for your turn in a bay,  you go back to the end of the line. So during Tiffin work hours we stay put and wait....we call it living on Tiffin time!


imageOur main goal is to take care of our damage from the incident we had back in Texas where at first we thought we encountered a road hazard but later discovered a piece of framing had fallen out and caused the damage to our rig.We are here since Tiffin will fix all of it for free under their 10 year frame warranty (at least so they say – we will see come bill time). I also want a small repair to our slide while we are here as well.

imageDespite there being a lot of rigs in line,  surprisingly we got a call Monday afternoon telling us to be in an express bay early Tuesday morning. Tuesday at 7:00 am we were snuggled in Bay 9 and the two Tiffin technicians began scratching their collective heads trying to figure out where all the broken wires were supposed to go. After about two hours and with the assistance of another technician the wires were all back in the normal position and all the electrical things that didn’t work were now working.

Next they attacked my slide issue and after about 45 minutes did the best they could do.  I was told the repair still might not stop the slide from leaving black marks on the new flooring. If it doesn't work we will probably need to have new rollers put in our large slide out. Just when I thought they were done they replaced our windshield wiper blades since apparently there was a recall on them that I didn’t even know about. We love having our work done here for things just like that.

imageWith our three hours of express bay time up we parked back in site 5 awaiting further instructions. That afternoon we got another call to be in Bay 41 to have our framing welded back in to our coach. Again at 7:00 am Tuesday morning we were in bay 41. Sharon is not happy to have to be up at 6:00 am, especially two days in a row!!!

Well Wednesday came and went as did Thursday dimming all hope we had of our getting out of here before Memorial Day Weekend. Friday morning I decided I had better check to make sure they knew what we were still lacking and to get some idea of where we were in the queu. Wanda, the scheduling coordinator, said my next stop was paint and body but didn’t know about the other things on our list.

At her suggestion I spoke with Don Boyd whom I had initially communicated with regarding our incident. He remembered and since no one had taken care of my damaged wheel liner he immediately sent a technician out to remove and replace it at our site. I sure am glad I inquired as to our status and hopefully we can have our paint and body work done Tuesday when the employees return to work after the Memorial Day Holiday. After paint and body, then all that will be left is to have them inspect the front driver side wheel for any mechanical issues and have our front end aligned to ensure nothing was knocked out of whack from the incident.

We are therefore spending Memorial Day weekend mingling with about 50 other Tiffin owners in Red Bay Alabama, making new friends while we wait. We wish you and yours a very Happy Memorial Day, everyone!

Note: We are still in Red Bay Alabama…


  1. We use slide slickers that are similar to this product to protect the tile from the bottom of the slide.

    1. I tried making one similar - we will see how it goes...

  2. Nice ha you can get the work done right there and enjoying Tiffin time. frustrating but should be worth it in the end.
    Good luck.

  3. Replies
    1. should be done Thursday afternoon... hopefully