Saturday, June 3, 2017

Last Repairs and Routine RV Maintenance…


While we were waiting our turn into various bays for our repairs at the Tiffin Service Center in Red Bay Alabama we used the idle time to knock off some things we wanted done that we could do ourselves. What was on this list?

  • finish out trim on our new flooring by buying several custom pieces from Tiffin
  • remove and replace our TV antenna winding unit which was beginning to strip


  • purchase a new (used) chair and ottoman from Bunkhouse RV here in Red Bay
  • buy and replace a few of our broken A/C vent covers
  • disassemble and clean our two fantastic fans
  • spray Blaster Dry Lube on our window tracks, latches and drawer slides to keep lubed them and the windows from squeaking when opened (the Tiffin recommended product)
  • repaint our rock chipped grill on our RV


  • lube our slides and leveling jacks with Boeshield T-9 (the Tiffin recommended product)
  • restring three of our day/night window shades
  • remove and replace our failing Thetford Aqua Magic Style Plus toilet
  • stain with cherry all of our wood trim and cabinet nicks and scratches
  • replace water pump switch indicator light bulb
  • reorganize and place new shelf liners in our bathroom


Since we had a lot of down time while waiting we were able to accomplish everything on our list. It sure helped that we had the Tiffin Parts Store on site making it easy to  buy everything we needed to fix our broken items. Also during our waiting time we were happy to make some new friends with other Tiffin owners at the campground.  We made some good connections and hope to see these new friends on down the road!


Tuesday morning at about 7:00 am we got a phone call to report to service bay 21 for our paint and body work. The RV sat in bay 21 all day and we had to return the next day for the whole day as well before all of the paint and body work was done.It is a meticulous process.

While all of our paint and body work was being done we drove over to the Tiffin Manufacturing Plant and took the Tiffin tour. We hadn’t done this in about three years and it was kind of neat to see the minor tweaks Tiffin has done since our last visit. We learned that Tiffin is turning out 12 new RV’s per day!!! No wonder it is becoming harder to get camping sites. 


We also drove over to Belmont Mississippi to tour Tiffin’s Paint Center. We hadn’t toured this facility before and we both found it very interesting to see how a motorhome was painted form start to finish. Very cool…

With all of our work at Tiffin finished all we had left to do was to go over to Bay Diesel to have them check out our front end to make sure nothing was damaged from the iron framing falling out and bouncing around. We made it over to them on Thursday afternoon and after spending a bit more money we are now finished with everything we needed to so.


Our last chore was to drive over to the campground RV wash station to give the RV a good wash and wipe down! We are both very excited to head east tomorrow morning and return to our normal life on the road!

NOTE: We finally left Red Bay and spent one night in Huntsville Alabama and are moving easterly again today to Chattanooga TN…


  1. You have to be thrilled to have your home back on the road fully functional and looking good. Looking forward to your reporting on the fun things to do in Chattanooga.

  2. Good to see it all went well at the factory repair spot. Having all the other items taken care of has to be a good feeling and a great use of time. I like the idea to take a time-out and fix up a bunch of stuff at one stop.

  3. Nice to get those projects taken care of , coach like new again. Then back on the road, keep having too much fun.

  4. It would be nice to see before and after pictures of your RV, since you had it repainted.