Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Some Things to Do Around Blairsville GA…


With rainy weather in the area we took only a few short excursions from our site in  Blairsville, Georgia. One afternoon we drove over to Meeks Park. This free park offers something for everyone. We chose to come to play some disc golf. We found the Meeks disc course to be very scenic and  it had some challenging wooded holes. It is an 18-hole disc golf course. with a mix of open and wooded holes with 2 tee boxes both short and long. This year we have noticed out of necessity that we have had improvement in our accuracy thus avoiding hitting as many trees as we had in the past  when playing on densely wooded courses.


Another afternoon once clear skies prevailed we headed south to Brasstown Bald, This is the highest mountain in Georgia with the summit sitting at 4,784 feet. On a clear day it is said that it is possible to see four different states. Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee and South Carolina can all be seen from the raised circular panoramic platform.


Once we arrived at the visitor’s center we we had the choice to hike or shuttle the 6/10 mile to the top. Of course we hiked but found the paved trail very steep. We chose a slow and steady pace to reach the top and boy oh boy were we huffing and puffing by the end. It was well worth it for the wonderful view we were treated to once we made it to the summit. Brasstown Bald sits in the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest and offers really stunning panoramic views from its Observation Deck.


On our last full day in town we drove another loop that would take us into North Carolina to Murphy and then back to Georgia to check out the town of Blue Ridge. Our first stop in Murphy NC we discovered that the town was quaint and interesting. We walked around the town square and it became obvious that the town is making a concerted effort to enhance the beauty of the downtown area. There were lots of interesting shops along the colorful petunia infused background.


Further along our loop we drove into Blue Ridge Georgia which is more of a tourist town than we had expected. We walked around the shops but really didn’t see anything to entice us to walk in. The town was really, really crowded because that particular weekend it was hosting a wine and cheese festival. We left the touristy part by walking a block off the main drag finding a quieter part of town.


Realizing we were thirsty we decided to try one of the local breweries called Blue Ridge Brewery. We sampled a few of the beers but really didn’t care much for them but we did order other tasty craft beers from their guest taps.Since it was my birthday week I also spontaneously ordered a desert advertised on a menu that sounded too sumptious to pass up.  It was a bourbon pecan pie a la mode.  Wow!  What a delicious decadent road treat it was!


All in all it was a scenic drive and an enjoyable way to spend our last day. We now know for sure we want to return to this area to check out more of the hiking venues as it was simply too wet to get out and about as much as we hoped during our short weeklong stay. Just like the jazz song, I fondly have Georgia on my mind ...

NOTE: Next we went to Hickory NC for a few nights but now we are in Moncure NC near Raleigh to visit our daughter for the next month.


  1. Pie does look awesomely decadent, I think I gained a few pounds just looking at the picture. Certainly enjoy following your road trip.

  2. Sounds like a great time there in the mountains, and that desert looked awesome !

  3. You did not mention adding air to your shocks after the pie. Say hi to Katie for us.

  4. Brasstown Bald is lovely in the fall. We have seen the Atlanta skyline a few times on cold days. We always ride to the top. That "trail" is horrible, but there are other nice ones there. We may go there for the big eclipse in August. Glad you enjoyed Blairsville.

  5. Beautiful beginning shot and I love the picture of you with the pie. That's quite a look. You seem to have had a great time in the Georgia Mountains. Nice that Katie lives somewhere easy to get a place to stay for a month. We aren't so lucky. It's very hard to visit Carrie.