Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Visiting the Daughter in NC and Having Fun…


Our next stop from Hickory North Carolina will be a month long stay at a park near our daughter, Katie, in Moncure North Carolina. We will be staying at Dickens' RV Park a place we have stayed before. It is a park mostly inhabited by transient workers and very few folks like us.We stay there because it is close enough to our daughter in Raleigh that we can easily visit anytime we want plus it is also close to many of the other attractions we like to visit during our stay.

We pulled into the park around lunchtime and began getting settled in.Since we were in a site facing southwest we put up our ‘semi-permanent” 10x14 sun blocking screen. Man we love this product when we are staying for at least a month as it gives us both sun protection keeping the RV cooler and it also provides a bit of privacy when sitting outside.Seriously this product is the bomb…


The first weekend our daughter took off of work for a few days and stayed with us in the RV. It is always fun having her visit. She looks forward to eating breakfast tacos and other Texas styled home cooking with us.  Happily she also likes playing disc golf with us. Staying here in Moncure we have at least 6 or 7 very nice disc golf courses nearby. North Carolina has some of the most scenic and best laid out courses we have played.  It is a very popular sport in this area as we usually encounter other players who are friendly and helpful in directing us to hard to find tee boxes.


We played one of our favorite disc courses near Pittsboro NC called Rock Ridge. This course is very long and challenging so it also is a great way to get some good exercise. There is one downside to playing this park as it is heavily wooded with narrow “fairways” making it quite a challenge considering the length of the course including one hole which measures over 700 feet!!!

In Moncure we are also near many different breweries as well. During her visit, Katie took us to a couple of her favorite breweries in Raleigh  Both Bond Brewing and Raleigh Brewing were pretty good but the IPA’s were certainly not up to the west coast standard. The beer was cold and the atmosphere was upbeat at both places so we could certainly see why she picked them.


We will be in Moncure until July 13th so we will be staying in weather a bit warmer than we like. We still haven't firmed up our summer plans but hope to at least move further north after leaving here. Where to? We aren’t sure yet so everything is still on the table from Maine to Massachusetts to Michigan. We only know we will be staying east since we will be wintering in Florida this year.

NOTE: We are now in Moncure NC near Raleigh to visit our daughter for a month and will leave here on July 13th.


  1. Nice to spend some time with Katie and having fun in that very warm weather.

  2. We haven't tried disc golf, but it looks like fun.

  3. Enjoy your time with family, always the best part of a trip. Did Kgolf wear you out? Looking good in the easy chair and a glass of wine.

  4. Watch out for Cindy. That screen may have to be rolled up by Saturday. Always great to be with family and really great to hear FL is the winter objective. Come on down!

  5. Much can be learned about the life style accessories in that first photo. How often do you have to roll up your shade for weather issues? What are those things sitting on your outdoor mat, maybe holding down the corners? Also noticed you are using a separate tank for your grill (we are considering buying a Weber Q), any opinion on having a connection for gas from the rig rather than the detached tank? I'm leaning towards a separate tank right now.

    Have fun with the family! It's awesome you can travel to be with them.

    1. We pretty much leave it down since it is staked into the ground and each end has climbing ropes attached to stakes as well. The things on the outdoor mats are our weights that we use as our outdoor gym and (yes) they also serve as mat anchors. We prefer a separate tank even though it has to be stored. I just didn't like having to always have my grill close to my propane in my rig. I smoke on it occasionally and like it positioned so the wind carries the smoke away form the RV... Great questions!!!

  6. We have one of those screens. We haven't used it much yet.