Monday, June 26, 2017

Weekend summer fun in North Carolina…


It has been raining off and on since we have been here in Moncure, NC but we did manage to get out for a little fun between showers. Our daughter Katie and her boyfriend Brooks came over one weekend and the first full day we ventured over to Raleigh for a trip to the Farmer’s Market.

Raleigh has a huge Farmer’s Market and what I liked the most about it was the fact that there were multiple buildings to wander through. Better yet each building was it’s own  unique venue. One building was filled with produce, one with meat and cheese along other food products. Another one was a place to eat and one seemed to be another place for produce not necessarily local. Let’s just say we helped stimulate the Raleigh NC local economy with our market bag full of multiple inexpensive produce purchases.


We also took a walk on the hike and bike trails of Centennial Park near the campus of North Carolina State University. Brooks went to NC State so he was our tour guide. The  trail was rather scenic as it meandered alongside a small lake and was heavily wooded. We only walked a couple of miles since it was pretty hot and the humidity was quite high as well.


We saw quite a few critters along the trail but the funniest was a crawfish in the middle of the paved trail that I didn’t notice at first. I nearly stepped on it but saw it at the last minute and jumped over it. When I did so it got its claws up ready to pick a fight. It was pretty funny as we all laughed about his battle ready demeanor despite his predicament. I did assist him off the trail  back near the water’s edge so he wouldn’t become somebodies lunch!


We also took Brooks and Katie over to a Apex NC to play yet another disc golf course ( there are plenty to choose from all around us). Brooks had only played once before but picked the game up pretty quickly as he played ultimate frisbee while in college.  The course was long with elevation changes through the woods so it doubled as in a decent hike for us. Because the courses here are very scenic and well laid out we tend to play a lot of disc golf when in this area.We were pleased that Brooks seemed to enjoy it as well.


Of course no day would be complete without us checking out some of the breweries in the area. We actually lucked out when we visited Carolina Brewery in Pittsboro NC as they were releasing a new beer the day we went. As a promotion they only charge $1.00 per pint when they release a new beer. How lucky we happened in on a new release date….what a deal, a nice craft beer for a buck!!!

NOTE: We are now in Moncure NC near Raleigh to visit our daughter for a month and will leave here on July 13th.


  1. I see you have some photo boomers...hehe
    Family time is the best time in our opinion. Looks like a great time had by all.

  2. $1.00 a pint! I think we better acquire a taste for beer.

  3. Yep, a buck a pint is definitely good. Are you still there? I mean at the

  4. How do you find all the disc golf courses? Looks like a great way to enjoy exercising not just a boring walk

    1. We Google disc golf courses near me!