Thursday, August 3, 2017

Sharon Loves Visiting this Farm in Virginia…


As much as I love the west I am always really happy to come to the east to experience green rolling hills and meadows.  One of the most beautiful places we have visited and will always revisit is the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia. 


We are fortunate to be able to park our RV on a farm near Tom's Brook Virginia at the home of our dear friends.  As John mentioned in a previous blog we took a side trip to Norfolk which was fun for sure but I always look forward to the farm stay because of the serenity and the views are absolutely breathtaking.


In addition to the views we receive many wildlife visitors to the farm.  A woodchuck often comes up to feed on the clover in the back yard.  We also have a beautiful indigo bunting who visits quite often. Does with fawns also frequent the farm so we never know who will show up.  Its just great.The main house sits on a hill with a beautiful valley below upon which the owner has a farmhouse and a Springhouse he lists on Home away to vacationers. 


While here we like to pitch in and help as much as we can.  We collect mail, take garbage to the dump, eradicate wasp nests  and generally keep an eye on things.  At the big house we have trimmed his trees which were hanging too low in the driveway and I enjoy cleaning their house top to bottom.  The lady of the house is taking care of her ill parent so it is our hope that our efforts will lighten the load for them when they return.  Their generosity in encouraging us to stay longer here is such a blessing.


The kitchen at the home place is amazing and such fun to cook in.  Making elaborate dinners and eating out on the back porch overlooking the Shenandoah Valley is priceless! Between great dinners with views and getting to take baths again, I am in heaven.  We also have the opportunity to order some generator parts and get mail we need to receive so we actually lengthened our stay.


We have settled into a routine of walking the property then doing our weight lifting in the mornings whereas in the afternoons we either enjoy fishing or kayaking the river or we ride over to Woodstock to the brewery, to Winchester for happy hour, or to an interesting farm brewery kind of in the middle of nowhere.  We also found a disc golf course nearby which we have played several times. Life is great!


We plan to visit Shenandoah National Park to hike and drive the Skyline Drive. We might make a day trip over to Washington DC if the weather will cooperate but it won't matter if we can't because I really am enjoying being a farm girl for awhile.....


How lucky are we to have these opportunities?? I would never have discovered the East or this beautiful Shenandoah Valley nor met these great friends had we not taken that leap of faith in selling everything to embark on our RV travels.  I am ever thankful of our decision and look forward to whatever adventures lie ahead.


NOTE: We have extended our stay here in the Shenandoah Valley so we have begun to plan out trek north from here.


  1. You two sure have been enjoying the good life.

  2. The freedom of full-time rving is such a blessing that we enjoy and can be so thankful for.

  3. We loved our farm just over the Blue Ridge from the valley for just the same reasons you've mentioned. Although we didn't care much for the groundhog since he ate everything in the garden. Great picture of him and the Indigo Bunting. Such a gorgeous bird. Wish we were back in Virginia, we could perhaps FINALLY meet up in Shenandoah National park for a hike.