Monday, September 11, 2017

Northwood Meadows State Park Hike in NH and then on to Maine…


Our last day in Northwood, New Hampshire we did a hike in nearby Northwood Meadows State Park. We parked in the free parking lot adjacent to the state route and found the trailhead easily. We decided on a short 2.5 hike as the weather was still a bit dicey. The trail began off on an old logging  road but became a nice trail before long. We took the Lakefront Trail around Meadow Lake.


It was a nice hike through some dense woods in the 675 acre park. It was very pleasant hiking  with only a few other guests visiting this state park. Alongside the trail were numerous mushrooms due to the damp conditions left behind after the recent rains. There were even some late season wildflowers still blooming but alas, no berries for the hungry forager.


Well we enjoyed our short stay in southern New Hampshire but it was time to hit the road the next morning and off we went only 60 miles away to our next stop in Saco Maine. We pulled into Saddleback Campground and found our rather tight pull through but since we are just staying three days it is not a problem.


After setting up we headed into town where we explored the fairly large towns of Saco and Biddeford Maine. We immediately noticed Saco to be another town with lots of red brick buildings but it appeared to be because most of the buildings were once part of a huge Mill. We later read that the mill produced everything from lumber to iron to textiles over time with the oldest remaining buildings dating back to the 1830’s. The remnants of the mill have become a revitalization project and now house several businesses and residential living in industrial lofts.


We also explored some of the rocky beaches in this area and were delighted to once again see the Atlantic Ocean. The water is very cold this far north but beautiful nonetheless. Most important is that these waters house the wonderful delicacy known as lobster, or labstah as they are called around here. We certainly hope to find one or two during our stay in southern Maine…


NOTE: We moved today south to Exeter NH for a six nights and then (depending on what the remnants of Hurricane Irma does) we plan to explore the Cape Cod area a bit…

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