Thursday, October 26, 2017

Ft Frederica, Jekyll Island and St Simons Island GA…


We left the Charleston SC area and continued southward for a little over 160 miles. We originally planned to stop for a few days near Savannah Georgia which is one of our favorite southern cities but we were unable to locate any available site close by so we continued on to our next location in Brunswick Georgia. After about three hours we pulled into Golden Isles RV Park, a Passport America park.


Golden Isles RV Park is not all that pretty but it is certainly a great location to visit the Golden Isles area. We did encounter a power issue with our pedestal as it was dropping one leg on the 50 amp circuit. Rather than move we chose to go ahead and only use the 30 amp circuit. Minor problems like this happen now and again as we travel around the USA.


Our first stop was to revisit St. Simon’s Island. We have been to it before but this time we explored the National Historic site of Fort Fredericka. It was is a neat stop with an interesting walk on the grounds where the fort once was. One interesting thing here was the abundance of Palm Warblers! There were remnants of a few buildings and bunkers as well as lots of informative plaques explaining the history.


My favorite part of the history described on the plaques was the inclusion of quotes taken from journals and letters of those who lived there at the time. It really gave us a feel for what life was like for these people back them…


We also took a day to revisit Jekyll Island over to our favorite beach containing lots of picturesque dead trees which beach erosion left behind. It made for some dramatic backdrops and has been a very popular place for couples to get married. However, once we parked near the beach and started hiking to the shoreline it became very obvious that Irma had visited before us and left a path of destruction behind.


The beaches of Jekyll Island lost lots of sand and beach erosion took its toll on the old dead stately trees that once adorned the coastline. Hurricane Irma then left behind the old rip rap which the sand once covered and ton of newly killed trees mostly toppled by the destructive forces of the hurricane. Evidently someone was still getting married as there were chairs set up by one of the few remaining older dead trees. I am sure it was planned well before Irma but the bride and groom decided to still get married there,


On the way back to the RV we drove through the historic side of the Island and walked around the grounds there. There are some really beautiful buildings here and there were a couple of wedding receptions that were being planned here as well. We also visited the historic town of Brunswick, Georgia which is slowly becoming revitalized. It is becoming quite a nice little downtown area. In town we came across a quirky local’s hangout called Tipsy McSway's where we enjoyed a couple of great happy hours.


I have a little more to blog about about a last days in Georgia. Then up next will be one overnight stay about 20 miles south of here and then on to Jacksonville Florida to have our engine noise diagnosed… We sure hope it isn’t anything serious!


NOTE: We left the Brunswick Georgia and stayed one night at Walkabout Campground before moving on down to Jacksonville Florida to have the RV serviced…

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  1. I am like you in that I love history, and reading quotes from letters and journals of what life was like back then. Looks like Irma really took a toll on the beaches at Jekyll.