Tuesday, November 7, 2017

At Mims FL for a While and a Visit to Canaveral National Seashore…

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Since I was only able to score two nights at Gamble Rogers State Rec Area, the time to leave Flagler Beach came pretty quick. The short drive south to  our next location near Mims Florida was a lot quieter after the gorilla tape did its job. It is still a bit noisy but we can live with it until we get to our longer stay in Bonita Springs Florida on December 1st.

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We pulled into Seasons in the Sun RV Resort outside of Mims FL and set up for our weeklong stay. We are going to take it easy for a bit as we have been on the move for a while now with this being our longest stay since leaving Raleigh North Carolina. It was nice to unpack the grill, our weights and other things we like to have out during longer stays. Once we nestled in, our first day concluded at our site with our own happy hour…

The next day we decided to take a walk to check out the resort.  One thing we noticed right away was this is not a 55 and older park as we saw a few families live here. We also discovered two pools and hot tubs by the clubhouse. I will enjoy those but Sharon probably won't as she is still healing from the skin cancer removal and her pre cancer lip treatment.  Sharon was disappointed there was no gym but she was happy to see pickleball courts so I know we will be playing a lot.

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One afternoon we drove over to Canaveral National Seashore. We used our National Parks Pass, otherwise it is $10 per car per day to visit.The night before I broke down and bought an annual Florida fishing license for out of staters for $50.00. I have caught just enough fish in the past to make it pay for itself but I mostly want it so I am easily entertained at the beach.

It sure is beautiful at this National Seashore. I got all my gear out including my cast net. I was hoping I still knew how to throw it… After 7 or 8 casts I finally caught some bait fish and set my rod out. Sharon took off for a walk down the beach while I fished. An hour or so later I still hadn’t gotten a bite so I decided to see if any sand fleas were present in the sand at the surf zone.

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I caught some sand fleas and switched from the bait fish I was using to them since I hadn’t even gotten one bite on the bait fish. I did get a few bites on the sand fleas but alas I caught no fish. So far I paid $25 per bite but hopefully I will get some fish the next time! Sharon enjoyed her walk on the beach and read a bit of a book she brought while I fished. Finally I gave up and we headed into Titusville to the Playalinda Brewery for happy hour. The beer there was just okay but the place had a lively feel and a nice vibe. Since they also have guest taps we may be back before heading south…

NOTE: We are still in Mims Florida until Nov 10th and then will move south to Wickham Park near Melbourne Florida for four nights.

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