Saturday, December 9, 2017

Made it to Bonita Springs Florida for the Winter…


Well we had a very short drive down to Bonita Springs Florida. We will be staying at Imperial Bonita Estates, a park we have stayed at before. This year we expected it to be different. So the day before we needed to be there we drove the 20 drive south in our CRV to check out the site they assigned to us. We had some concerns since it was on the street that had the worst damage from Hurricane Irma and the worst flooding from the Imperial River.


Sure enough our site was smack in the middle of two heavily damaged park models that are both slated to be destroyed and hauled off later in December. So we went to the park’s office and asked if any other sites were available and luckily for us there were three others. So we selected another site on one of the two roads we originally preferred to be staying on anyhow. Although the park is still showing signs of the extensive damage from the hurricane and flooding we think we will still enjoy our winter stay here. We better… as we will be here for three months not leaving until March 1st, 2018.


One other task I tackled while we were in Fort Myers was I decided to take on the task of replacing my CAC hose that I bought in Jacksonville Florida. Remember the Cummins Service Center there wanted $1000 to install this hose and had they managed us better they would have gotten that $1000 too. Well even without the right tools and without the knowledge of the tricks to replacing the hose it took me less than three hours to get the task done. I would have saved an hour if I had insert the hose first at the pipe end inside the RV rather the the pipe end from the outside of the RV. Nonetheless, we saved $1000 so I felt as if I got paid $333.00 per hour to do it myself.


The drive to Bonita Springs was uneventful but best of all we had no whooshing or squealing sound from our engine. So it appears as if my repair was the key to getting rid of the noise and apparently I did it right since it never squealed. Hooray!!!


The first few days at Imperial Bonita Estates (know as IBE to my readers for now on) we mostly spent time getting set up and organized. However, there was one event we simply had to attend as we have always had a good time at the Greyhound Race Track on their “Dollar Days” promotion. Sure enough we had a great time and even won several of our bets. No big winners but when hotdogs, beer and popcorn are only a dollars each we come out winners anyhow…

NOTE: We are now in our winter home for the next several months in Bonita Springs Florida at Imperial Bonita Estates RV park and Coop.


  1. That dang hurricane sure did terrible damage. Hope everyone was safe there at the park during that time.

  2. Glad you were able to get another site you liked better!! We sure have had a lot of damage from hurricanes in the south this year!! Rough hurricane season!!
    I grew up in Daytona and although too young to attend my mom and dad spent many happy hours at the Greyhound Race Track in Daytona Beach!!

  3. Nice that you got that repair done and works for you. Enjoy your 3 months there at IBE and great that you enjoyed the races and came out ahead.