Thursday, May 3, 2018

Barbara Bush, Friends and It’s a Wrap!

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In wrapping up our blogs about our stay in the College Station area I thought I would mention a few other things we did while we were there for a month. One national newsworthy event was the death of former first lady Barbara Bush. A huge motorcade passed through the town taking Mrs Bush to her final resting place just behind the George Bush Library. Many citizens lined the streets illustrating the love College Station has for the Bush family.

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After all the hoopla surrounding the event Sharon and I wanted to visit the library to pay our final respects to a woman who helped to make a lot of people better off than they were before. The grounds behind the George Bush Library were alive with spring flowers and sounds. Nestled within the plants I spotted spittle bugs. Sharon was unaware of these little insects who produce a spittle “sac” to protect them from predators. I stirred the spittle “sac” and showed her the insect hiding inside. Folklore had people referring to the spittle as snake spit but now you know the real story…

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We also had some RV friends arrive in town when Jim and Nanc found us in College Station. We first met them at Betty’s RV Park and have crossed paths many times since. It still amazes me how many close friends we have accrued from visiting Betty's, yet another reason we so love going there.

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While they were in town we took them on a tour of the Texas A&M campus. We started with one of the formal tours led by students but quickly realized that the campus tour’s target audience was really for prospective students. We followed the tour a short while before breaking off and I led them on a private tour offering my personal historical account of the University. We ended the day at the West End Elixir for a dinner of wood fired pizza and some adult beverages.Very fun!

Another day we had Jim and Nanc join us at our dear friends Anne and Gary to enjoy their cool little spot in Brazos County. There was a cookout where other friends and family joined us for a feast as well as games such a bean bags and horseshoes. We all had a great time and food was fabulous as always. We are so glad we were able to give Jim and Nanc a glimpse of life in our old home town. We have now said our goodbyes to College Station so we can begin our summer adventure... See you next year, College Station!

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NOTE: We are now at Lockhart State Park to get our Texas BBQ fix until Friday then on to Canyon Lake…


  1. Thank you for taking a photo of Barbara Bush's final resting place. I've always had great admiration for her and her no nonsense personality when it came to serious issues. Mrs. Bush left a mark here in Charleston, SC when she was a very young girl and attended a private girl's school here in Charleston, Ashley Hall. My life here in Charleston has given me the opportunity to cross paths with many of her friends who attended school with her. Memories of her were a fun-loving young girl and a quick wit which, as we know, she carried that wit with her all her life. I will always remember when as First Lady someone was bold enough to ask her if the three tier strand of pearls she had around her neck were real, and she responded no, but I am! Another time, one of the fashion reporters asked her if she had chosen someone to dress her, and she responded that she will be bringing her own clothes from home and is still capable of dressing herself. We will all miss her, and I'm sure the former President will.

  2. I'm sorry we didn't get a chance to met you when we visited College Station.

  3. Meeting new friends is what always makes this lifestyle wonderful!! Glad you were able to catch up!!
    Thank you for writing and showing photos of Barbara Bush’s final resting place!! A great lady that did so much for so many!!!
    Enjoy your travels!!

  4. Years ago Mrs Bush was a featured speaker at a Human Resource conference I attended. Feeling privileged to have had that contact.

    When we were full-timers and found ourselves in the vicinity of a Presidential Library we were interested to visit. Eisenhower, Lincoln, Clinton, Hoover and the Bush one there in College Station. That was our favorite.

  5. It is good to go home and good to go again. Safe travels.