Saturday, May 19, 2018

Day Trips From Canyon Lake in Texas…

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With Katie and Brooks back in North Carolina and our grandkids back in school we went back home to Cranes Mill COEPark to chill at the RV for a while. However, since our son Jason and his bride Kelly had a few more days off they drove out to the RV park so we could show them a few of our Texas Hill Country favorites..

No trip to the hill country would be complete without a stop to Luckenbach Texas. Since Kelly hadn’t been to this cool place nor the town of Fredericksburg we made a long loop drive to include them both.

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The first stop was Fredericksburg where we found a free paring spot on a side road off the main drag. From there we walked the blocks of downtown first up one side and then back down the other so Kelly could take in all the sights. We of course stopped in at one of my favorite stores. This particular store sells all kinds of sauces, relishes, jelly and pickled products but best of all encourages visitors to sample dang near every one of them.


We made our way through tasting the products that appealed to each of us and for me that meant heading back to where the hottest of the hot sauces were located. Man I love some of these hot sauces but they are so hot they would probably sit in my refrigerator for years taking up very valuable cooling space. So sampling once a year is what satisfies my need for a hotter than hell sauce. Jason saw me trying one that was over 500,000 scoville units. To put this in perspective a jalapeno is about 2000 scoville units so this sauce was 2500 times hotter that a jalapeno! He tried it too and we had a laugh about the burn.

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After Fredericksburg we stopped at Luckenbach for happy hour beers and to listen to some music. We apparently chose a poor day to do so as there were workers reroofing the bathrooms and making a lot of noise so the music was inside the small bar rather than out on the back porch area. We still opted to relax outside with our beers to point out to Kelly the resident rooster and cat who were both mingling with the small crowd. Although it wasn’t ideal, I think Kelly still was able to enjoy spending an afternoon at this legendary place she'd always wanted to visit.

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Another day we took a loop drive over to Pedernales Falls for a hike. Pedernales Falls, or P-falls, as we used to call it in our younger days is a gem of the Texas Hill Country. Both Jason and Kelly had never been there so it was a treat to show them the trails to P-Falls. As always the scenery of the Pedernales River cutting through the limestone and reshaping it was a feast for the eyes.

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We sure have been having a great time in the Texas Hill Country enjoying beautiful weather, brilliant wildflowers and making memories with our family…

NOTE: We left Cranes Mill Park on Canyon Lake in the hill country of Texas and moved just about 35 miles north to Blanco State Park for three nights. We are now in Waco Texas…


  1. Looks like you could slide down the rock at P-Falls into a nice swimming hole. A perfect spot to cool off the hot sauce tastings.

  2. What fun time Both Fredericksburg and Luckenbach are wonderful places to visit there in hill country, it's been a while for us may just have to read that route in the near future.
    Love you sunset photo as well.

  3. Love the P-Falls, one could almost use it as a slide into the deeper waters. I know you enjoyed spending time with Jason and Kelly and showing them sights they had never seen.