Sunday, June 10, 2018

A Few Days in Sumner Lake State Park NM…

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The time came to leave Muleshoe Texas and shortly thereafter we entered the beautiful state of New Mexico. We only had to drive a few hours and things were going pretty well until I noticed my “check engine” light flicker on and off. Concerned I watched it but never saw it happen again even after we pulled into Sumner Lake State Park near Fort Sumner New Mexico.

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Hoping the light issue was a non event we settled into our beautiful surrounding and set up camp.We will only stay two nights and have no plans other than to veg out and enjoy this park. We have climbed a bit in elevation so temperatures are a bit cooler but the weather is somewhat unsettled and some severe storms popped up in our area.Although they missed us it was exciting for awhile as we kept a watchful eye in case we needed to flee.


Some nice overnight rains made the air a bit cooler and a little more humid the next day which made it great for exploring the area. We found a few small trails and followed them as they meandered along the edge of Lake Sumner. Lots of wildflowers were blooming but it was obvious they were in the later stages of their lives.

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We did see one mule deer prancing off nearby trying to put some distance between it and us. A few lizards were spotted but the coolest one was this little guy near our campsite who was hunting and even though I didn’t think he/she got anything when it turned its head I could clearly see antennae sticking out of its mouth – too cool!


Also under our pueblo casita there was a Cliff Swallow nest and inside the nest were three babies. The birds seemed to care less that Sharon and I occasionally lifted weights under the awning as mama and papa bird kept flying in and out feeding their young despite us!


I also was able to enjoy some great sunrises and shortly after sunrise the Western Kingbirds and the Orioles would begin chattering and foraging for breakfast. Also just outside of the motorhome a woodpecker landed and although it appeared to be a Ladder Backed Woodpecker it more resembled a Nuttalls Woodpecker, well outside of its range.

Image may contain: plant, flower, nature and outdoorImage may contain: flower, plant, nature and outdoorImage may contain: flower, plant, nature and outdoor

I am still not really sure what woodpecker I saw was but it was super pretty so I was glad he stopped by to show me his spring plumage on my Road of Retirement…


NOTE: We left Muleshoe Texas and spent two nights at Sumner Lake State Park in New Mexico and are now in Albuquerque NM for a week…


  1. Sunset over Lake Summer is an inviting picture, want to pour a glass of wine and just watch. Is that an island in the lake? That's one of the pictures that does not enlarge for better view.

    1. Yes it is an island in the lake... really nice spot to camp!

  2. Looks like a wonderful spot, love New Mexico State parks.

  3. What a great place to "veg out" for a few days!! A very pretty area!! Hope that check engine light was just a fluke!!

  4. Beautiful sunset. We hope to spend some time in NM if the wildfires stay away.