Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Exploring the University of Cincinnati in Ohio…

As I mentioned last time we stayed one night at the Rising Star Casino RV Park which I must say has a very nice park along the banks of the Ohio River. We really liked this park and Sharon especially enjoyed gym/spa facilities available to us as guests. The evening before we left I also relaxed in their hot tub and a had the sauna all to myself as we were able to use these facilities as well.

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The next morning we had planned a stay in Indianapolis but the park we wanted to stay at was full due to the pre-season National Football Game being played there. Therefore we fell to our backup plan and drove to Cincinnati, Ohio for a three night stay at the FMCA campground. When I first explored the Cincinnati area for campgrounds I found a few near the city but one stood out - FMCA campground. However I wasn’t a member of FMCA so I realized I would not be able to stay there.

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I thought about joining but it was $60 to join and $20 per night to stay at the park making it a pretty pricey stay. Then as I was reading the benefits of being an FMCA member I discovered that members can stay free at the park for two nights per month and even better they were having a $10 discount to join. So instead of paying $120 to stay three nights after becoming a member we paid only $70! Sweet!

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Our first afternoon after our arrival at the FMCA Campground we decided to drive over to explore the northern part of the city and walk around the University of Cincinnati. Wow… we were impressed with the University of Cincinnati as it was much larger than anticipated. They have around 45,000 students enrolled on the campus and there were a lot of very interesting building to explore.


We checked out the campus athletic facilities as well and the University of Cincinnati boasts having one of the best NCAA basketball programs in the country. Their stadium is very nice and was receiving a facelift when we were visiting. Lots of construction taking place on campus made walking around it a bit tasking but it also allowed us to explore other areas on campus we may have missed without the detours. It was a great day and we look forward to exploring downtown as Sharon has a sightseeing plan.


NOTE: We are now at the FMCA Campground in Cincinnati Ohio. We will stop for one o more night in Ohio before crossing the state of West Virginia…


  1. It is certainly easier (even with traffic) to cross into Kentucky. Looking forward to seeing your route to West Virgina, as we will be going that way next year.

  2. You have really chosen me a different side of Cincinnati. The campus looks beautiful.

  3. Good insight into part of Cincinnati. We have always avoided it as we headed north or south.

  4. FMCA is a good deal. Membership includes the assist program and the discount tires.