Thursday, November 1, 2018

An Urban Stroll in Savannah Georgia…


The time had come to leave beautiful Charleston SC to continue in our southerly direction. We wanted to stay in Hardeeville SC which is 10 minutes from downtown Savannah Georgia but when we called there was a recording stating it was full. We found an alternative stay about 35 minutes south of Savannah which was a bit off the beaten path but as soon as we pulled into Fort McAllister State Historic Park we knew we were going to enjoy our stay there.


This shaded campground has a nice, but short, nature trail and is adjacent to the Ogeechee River. It has large spacious sites with glimpses into a salt water marsh as the park is actually located on an island called Savage Island. Racoons are reported as a frequent sighting and sure enough our first evening we had  a momma racoon bring her three babies over to our water faucet for a drink. The park faucet was a little leaky and these clever racoons already knew where to look for the water once a camper hooked up to it.


Early in the morning the next day I also spotted a too curious racoon who somehow had  a plastic cup or bottle stuck on its head. The poor thing was wandering around seeing quite the distorted world through the plastic I am sure. I do, however, have no doubt that the racoon was able to free itself from this debacle either by itself or with assistance from other racoons.


Now that we were near Savannah we simply had to go into the city which is one of our all time favorite southern destinations. The website The City Sidewalks has a map we used as a basis for our favorite Savannah stroll. Savannah, established in 1733 on the Savannah River, was laid out into 24 squares and there are currently 22 historic squares remaining  which we always want to see as they exude the southern charm and history of this wonderful city.


Each of  these Savannah's squares are named after someone or a historical event Most will also have a monument, unique statue, fountain, sculpture, or structure in the center. Some have been modernized but the most widely known one was the one visited by Forrest Gump, Chippewa square. Adding to the charm each square is shaded by large and stately live oak trees draped in Spanish moss surrounded by beautiful southern mansions making them very enticing as a place to sit upon one of the benches to take it all in.


These beautiful homes in the Historic District are gorgeous architecturally interesting homes which are a tour in themselves as many display historical plaques telling of famous previous residents of the city. We found one that that marked the beginnings of the Girl Scouts we found interesting. Several homes had civil war history as either hospitals or headquarters for the Confederates. The abundance of history is astounding.


After seeing all the squares which required a LOT of walking we caught the free Savannah River ferry on the waterfront. It gave us time to rest our feet and  enjoy the sights of the waterfront which mostly consists of shops, restaurants and hotels.

image MVIMG_20181022_144234

Before making our way back to the Visitor’s Center where we parked our car we stopped at a local pub for a cold beverage and had the chance to reflect upon our great day before heading back to camp…We both agreed we will definitely return to beautiful Savannah…a true gem of the South.


NOTE: We are now in Gamble Rogers State Park in Flagler Beach Florida…


  1. We really enjoyed Charleston a few years ago, but we've never made it to Savannah. Hopefully next spring.

  2. Thanks for sharing with us , well over 20 years since we travelled through there.

  3. We've always enjoyed walking Charleston and Savanah.