Saturday, August 24, 2019

Left College Station and on the Road AGAIN!!!

Image may contain: Sharon Hinton, smiling, sitting and closeupAs the days neared to our departure from College Station we were working frantically to the bitter end. We had to be finished by August 14th (the day we left) as we had found a young family to rent the house starting the 15th. We were doing little things all the way until the time we departed.

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Our destination was Midway Park on Lake Waco near Waco Texas some 100 miles west.It felt great to be on the road again and the sense of calm which settled upon me knowing the work on the rental was over was wonderful! A few hours later we were set up in this nice Corp of Engineer Park on Lake Waco.

Image may contain: Patty Toney Klein, Chuck Klein and Sharon Hinton, people smiling, people standingImage may contain: Chuck Klein, Patty Toney Klein and Sharon Hinton, people smiling, people standing and child

We came to Waco to relax and also to meet up with good friends Patty and Chuck. They immediately came by and took us out for dinner at the Baylor Club. It is a restaurant atop the Baylor Football Field. With our table overlooking the 50 yard line we enjoyed each other’s company and got all caught up. We ate off of embossed BU (Baylor University) china and enjoyed craft beers in a glass with an imprinted football in the bottom (a fun surprise).  It was a really great time.

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The next day Sharon and I relaxed like we haven’t in a long, long time. We spent the afternoon playing a round of disc golf along the river which passes through Waco. Feeling parched we enjoyed a happy hour at the local BJ’s Brewpub. How delicious it was to be experiencing a normal day again. Sharon even commented how she had taken for granted our lifestyle on the road and how lucky we were to again experience it.

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Patty and Chuck had us over to the house for steaks another day and once again we had a blast bantering about this and that. Our last day Sharon wanted to go to the Silo's to visit the bakery and so we did. After strolling the grounds and taking a ride on the town trolley, a delectable pecan cinnamon roll marked the end of our stay in Waco. While at the bakery Sharon was excited to meet Joanna Gaines mother, Nan Stevens and snapped a quick selfie to commemorate the meeting.

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The next day we headed further north to Wichita Falls, Texas. Our goal was to visit my nephew and his family. Our main focus was to see our newest great nephew who was nearing three months old. My nephew Steven and his wife Lauryn had us over for dinner. We brought a few presents for our two great nephews and enjoyed the evening. The night ended with a family band session where we all had fun “playing” instruments. So glad we stopped by.

The next morning we left Wichita Falls and continued our trek west…

NOTE: We left Wichita Falls and landed in Amarillo Tx, then on to Tucumcari and finally to where we are now in Tijeras, NM… Next up will be an extended stay near Albuquerque.


  1. There is nothing better than hitting the road:))

  2. Nice that is over finally and great to be back on the road again . enjoy the freedom. Good luck with the new tenants.

  3. Good to have you back on the road with new (better?) renters. I need to give Texas more time in our travels, you show us some great spots.

  4. Good to see you have the wheels rolling again. Travel safe!!!