Thursday, November 14, 2019

A Minor Setback in California…

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As our departure morning came it was time to move on over to our next destination  to El Centro in California. One last round of pickleball and we packed up the rig to head out for the short drive into California.

First priority was fill up the car and the RV while still in Arizona as gas and diesel are about a dollar per gallon higher in California. We pulled into a gas station just off the highway before leaving Yuma AZ. We filled up with fuel and five minutes later we entered California.

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We always know we are in California as we had to go through an Agricultural Inspection Station where all they did this time was ask if we had anything to claim. Saying no we passed through and drove on to El Centro. As we got close to our RV park after getting off the highway we saw a bridge out and road closed sign.

We pulled over where we could do a U-Turn and had to reroute to a different way to get to the park. Man did we end up on some very rough roads and when we got close to the park again we saw another bridge out/road closed sign. This time we parked and called the RV park to find out how to get there.  The young lady told us when coming in from the highway we should just go around the first bridge out sign and then turn into the park.

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After telling them it sure would have been nice to have told us that in advance we made our way back over the five miles of rough road. Once we settled into our site we noticed that we had (once again) lost our water heater door panel. Assuming we had lost in on the rough road we backtracked in our SUV hoping to find it.

Well we did… however, it was in the middle of the road and was badly damaged. I put it all back together hoping it would last until we got to San Diego for our planned two month stay where I could order a new one and replace it…. sigh, as is life on the road.

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We were only in El Centro for two nights and enjoyed the water views from our site.  Sharon liked the nice gym there and we played some more pickleball. We drove into El Centro to check out the Humble Farmer Brewery and enjoyed a nice craft beer there. There was live music at the RV park’s bar one night where I enjoyed the solo act and a few cold Coronas.


The two days went by fast and it was time again to move on over to San Diego where we will sit for two months before moving on. It must be close to winter time as we are now in our slowdown phase where we will travel much less and be a bit less active…


NOTE: We are now in San Diego CA for a two months before spending the rest of the winter in Arizona…


  1. Where are you guys staying in AZ?

    1. We will wander around for three weeks is sw AZ and then we have two months booked at Mesa Regal RV Reort in Mesa AZ

  2. Wondering if you are using Live Writer to do your blog now. Can't find anyone to tell me if it is working with blogspot.

    1. Sherry - Jeff here ...
      The last update to OWL is 2 years old ( and permits the posting of text only. The clunky Blogger interface is still needed for graphics. For sure John has figured out a decent way of presenting his photos!

    2. Acctually I am using LW after it was rewritten. A fellow named kgburgess posted a link to the steps on getting it to work again and after a few days of trying those steps I got it to work for me and have been using it since.

  3. Do you have a shop to color match the replacement water heater door? We used Discount RV in Santee when we need some painting done - but you probably will not need a paint booth for rig - just the door.
    Welcome to SandyEggo! Hope we get together soon, checking schedules now :)

    1. No, I have already bought the matching paint and will soon paint it myself on a still day... Yes we do need to meet up, we are here until Dec 28th.