Monday, November 4, 2019

Staying with friends at Lake Havasu City AZ…

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With another Vegas trip behind us we headed south to visit friends we met on the road in Quartzite several years ago. They RV’ed for long while before settling down in Lake Havasu City Arizona.

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They invited to stay at their place as they have RV hookups behind their house and have had as many as four RV’s in their backyard!!! We made our way along the scenic river and finally pulled into the backyard of our friends Paul and Sue P. With Paul’s initials being PP they have called their home the PPPP or the Paul and Sue P. Party Place! We are so glad they invited us to visit the PPPP.


We set up and had a grand view out our front window where we can see a slice of Lake Havasu below. Paul and Sue invited over to the house for a great enchilada diner and happy hour. It was really fun catching back up with our friends.

IMG_20191019_151905IMG_20191019_112905They told us before our arrival that their daughter would be coming over to their house for the weekend. They assured us she loves their friends and not to worry. Their daughter, Jessie was as hospitable as they were and she is a great person as well. They offered to take us out for a boat ride on Lake Havasu since their daughter also wanted to jet ski behind the boat.

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We donned our swimsuits and drove a few miles to the boat ramp. They have a really nice pontoon boat and once we got the boat and the jet ski in the water the fun began. What a great boat ride we had riding around the lake. We stopped at Havasu Springs for lunch before continuing our boat ride.

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After a while we stopped at a BLM beach pullout where we enjoyed the water and took turns taking the jet ski out. Once I took the jet ski out and tucked my hat under my legs so it wouldn’t fly off. I had a blast out on the jet ski but when I got back I realized I somehow lost my favorite hat… sigh.

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Sharon wanted to go out on the jet ski but wanted me to drive so off we went. When we were out in the middle of the lake I noticed something floating on the water and as luck would have it I found my hat. Snagging it with my toes as we rode past it my favorite hat and I were reunited. It is hard to believe how lucky I was to have found my hat!

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Another afternoon Paul and Sue took us out on their ATV to ride out in the desert on some of the trails out behind their place. They took us to a hole in the rocks known as the dragon’s eye where we climbed up into the eye to admire the views. We had another great afternoon riding the ATV and it was the first time Sharon had ever ridden one so she had a few oooohs and ahhhs as we tackled some steep inclines


Well the time at Lake Havasu City passed by too fast and it was once again time to move on…

NOTE: We are now in San Diego CA for a two months before spending the rest of the winter

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