Saturday, December 5, 2020

Thanksgiving in San Antonio and Moving South!


We got an earlier than normal start on the road to San Antonio since there was rain predicted later in the day. Our destination was Braunig Lake RV Resort in  Elmendorf, TX just SW of San Antonio.

We booked four nights with plans to have Thanksgiving with our son and his family. We discussed rules in advance of the visit. Everyone agreed to wearing a mask while inside the house and since there was great weather predicted Thanksgiving day, we agreed to eat outside on their patio. Social distancing would also be mandatory. We also explained we would not be staying overnight.


While all the rules made for an awkward Thanksgiving it will still be remembered as special  time together. We accomplished the main goal of no one becoming ill and the awkwardness did not get in the way of our having a great day together..


Our son JJ and his wife Kelly made a fabulous feast. We contributed meagerly as they had it all planned out. We did make some cranberry and a decadent chocolate bourbon pecan pie! It was also great to hang out with our grandson Cameron and our grand dogs.Although it would only be one day together, we made the most of it.


While in San Antonio we took a day to shop at Trader Joe’s to stock up on all of our favorites for our three month stay down in the Rio Grande Valley of south Texas. We also were delighted to discover our very favorite tamale place in McAllen Texas, Delia’s, opened a new location in San Antonio. We just had to get a dozen of the very tamales EVER! A real road treat…


I should also mention that while in San Antonio we were due for a brake job on out Honda CRV. I didn’t relish the idea of sitting in a shop all day and waiting to get the work done so I discovered NuBrakes online that will come to your site and do the work. All I can say is amazing work, fast and reasonably priced. I had new brake pads and rotors on the front and new pads on the real for just  a bit over $400 all done in less than an hour. Score one for us!!!


It was kind of sad though visiting one of our favorite Texas cities and not being able to fully enjoy the downtown River Walk and the Pearl District. as we normally would have prior to the pandemic.


I should mention that Braunig Lake RV Resort is another Passport America park. We really liked this park as it had some huge sites as well as some smaller ones. There was plenty of space for a nice walk with a large pond in the middle of the park making the walkabouts pleasurable. We enjoyed seeing lots of ducks taking advantage of the open water in this drier part of the state.


Four days went by fast and it was time to hit the road once again. Our next stop was further south for a one night stay at Wilderness Lakes RV Resort in Mathis, TX. Another rainy day was predicted so we had little choice but to drive on through some rain showers to get there.


We were thankfully able to set up before the big rains came through. We were hoping to explore nearby Lake Corpus Christi but with our staying one day and the heavy rain we will have to save that excursion for another day. We were able to walk around the park and found this to be a nice park with some nature trails and two lakes onsite I guess we will have to return someday….

NOTE:  We are currently in Port Isabel in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas for the winter…


  1. A Thanksgiving with family is special even with the current restrictions. Must seem weird with attractions like the Riverwalk or The Alamo being mostly deserted.

    1. Yeah, we didn't even bother checking out the downtown area like normal...

  2. Always special celebrating Thanksgiving with Family. Better when it's done safely.
    Thanks for the park locations. Gives us someplace to check out.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your time in the RGV.

    It's about time.

    1. Yes, being safe this winter is our top priority...

  3. Good to be with family on a holiday.

    In my book, there are only two kinds of pie - pecan and cherry. Love it.

    The park we were at held a Thanksgiving feed. Smart way. Tables outside distance between families. Food inside served by staff with masks and gloves. They restricted entrance to the food line inside at the door where quests were allowed in by family groups while wearing masks. They have everyone's name and number in case someone got sick which did not happen. Was good to at least be around other RV families. This was in Natchez MS. Hats off to the staff at the park for sure.

    Stopped for three months sounds great. We made it to Gulf Shores for a two month stop. Longest so far and to be frank, we will enjoy the break from moving around.

    1. We just started three month winter stays a few years ago and have liked it so far...

  4. Gotcha beat on the price for your brake job. The sweetest, most adorable "mobile mechanic" came to our house yesterday and helped Alan swap out the front brake pads and rotors on my Tahoe. I just had to pay for parts, no labor. He wouldn't even let me make him a sandwich for lunch. And then our son went home. On a more serious note, glad you guys made it safely to your winter destination and enjoyed a family visit along the way.

  5. Great looking pie, glad you were able to spend Thanksgiving with family. We keep trying different parks around San Antonio, we'll have to keep Brauning in mind. Nice you could get the brakes fixed at your place, what a great service. Enjoy the beach!!

    1. Brauning has all kinds of different sized sites so make sure you check out what you are reserving.