Monday, November 30, 2009

Getting rid of the old slides...

Well as my wife and I went out for the tail end of the black Friday shopping I came across a slide scanner at our local Kohl's.  It was made by Innovative Technologies and was under $50.00 bucks so I thought I would give it a try.  The other option was to go online and pay 29 cents per slide to have them do them for me.

Well the slide scanner was very easy to set up on my computer and was easy enough to use so I proceeded to turn slides into digital images one at a time.  The interface between the hardware and the software was not very sophisticated therefore the quality of the images produced from the slides was not the best of quality.  So I mostly focused on converting slides that had people in them and ignored converting those with scenery... after all I will have plenty of time to revisit all those locations and retake those shots with a digital camera :) .

Above is an example of a slide converted into a digital picture.  Photoshop was used to remove the obvious blemishes and spots on the slide but as you can see the clarity is not all that great.  The picture is one of me and my trusty dog, Fred, in 1981 on top of enchanted rock in central Texas.  Enchanted rock is the second largest exposed batholith in the United States with the other being Stone Mountain in Georgia (on my list as a place to visit).  One more task can now be checked off the list of downsizing and reducing our stuff... next up is converting the LP's into digital music!

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