Thursday, March 25, 2010

The list redone...

After the Houston RV trade show we narrowed our list to the following in order of preference in brands:
1- Tiffin
2- Winnebago
3- Newmar
4- Monarch

This has now changed some as Tiffin is now in the number two spot and Winnebago has moved up to the number one spot. Although there is no doubt in my mind that the Tiffin's are very well made it just seems that the more that we go into Tiffin's and Winnies that we almost always feel more "at home" in the Winnies so we will focus on them for now.

Also we stated in the past that we hoped to target RV's at 32 feet on the minimum side and that we thought they were not too small and we still feel this way but are more focused now on the 33-35 foot range.  This has more to do with floor plans than with length since we just haven't found a 32 footer that wows us yet.

So now we are looking at:

1- Winnebago
2- Tiffin
3- Newmar
4- Monarch

Coaches we saw at the RV show that we liked were:
Newmar BayStar 3202
Monaco Monarch 33 SFS
Tiffin Allegro 35 TSA

Coaches we have seen since then that we like:

Winnebago Adventurer
Winnebago Sightseer 33C

Features we still hope to include in our rig are:
-as large as a Fridge as we can get without sacrificing the pantry
- a pedestal dining table instead of a booth
- we really like the euro chairs :)
- no carpet in the living area
- lighter colored finishes
- no more than 2 slides
- we prefer the open bathrooms

We still have plenty of time to find our home but I am not sure we have plenty of patience... we are both ready to get on with the show now and get it over with... but as life goes on (we are under a year now to starting out new lives) we will eventually find our new home...

I still have much to learn about the motors, chassis, breaking systems etc... and heck I don't even know how to drive one yet :)


  1. Our RVing blogger friends Jim and Dee just took a 2 day driving course from Dick Reed RV Driving School in Ocala. They give it VERY high ratings for help and good instruction. I think they have offices all over the country if you google them.

    Karen and Steve

  2. Nice blog you have here! It's a bit like a trip down memory lane. Believe me, it'll be very fun a year from now to look back and see what you were doing and thinking about to prepare for your transition.

    If you have any questions about Winnies, feel free to ask. We shopped a lot and bought two in the last 2 years. (A 32-foot gasser and a 40-foot DP) We're big Winnie fans.

    Enjoy the preparation. It's all worth it!!

  3. Karen - yes I have come across that but was unaware they may be in other locations...

    Paul and Mary - yes I have read your blog and found it enlightening... may send you an email in the future as more questions arise...